Having been MOLESTED by a Democratic ad for JOkE BIDEN on t.v., I feel my Solemn, Southern-fried responsibility to comment on this attack on the sensibility of Americans.
1)Do DEMOCRATS think The JOkE could have prevented Covid-19? As a service to HUMANITY, why didn’t he,then?
2)If America could have been prepared with ventilators, masks, and toilet paper under his leadership, how irresponsible not to say something sooner!
Mr. Biden, go soak your head…how could you approve such ads and lay the RESPONSIBILITY at YOUR doorstep for the death of myriads of humans?
Or perhaps conscience is playing a part…since the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION allowed so much of our capabilities to pass to China in the first place?

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Very well put, Senator. It is a shame that Biden is the best that the Dems can do for a presidential candidate.


I like to call him Sleepy Joe.

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Another question to ask is why have all of the Blue “State Governors” shut down their states? During the 1917 flu epidemic all of the people except the head of the household were quarantined. The head of the house was permitted to go to work to meet the needs of the family, or if single, themselves. The economy was not shut down and the 1917 flu epidemic was far worse than Covid-19 as been.

Unfortunately the 1918 epidemic was much worse because the governments of the world didn’t do much to prevent it from spreading. The result was an estimated 50 million or more died.

I compare this to the Y-2k “hoax.” Nothing happened because governments and private companies saw the problem coming and went after it. If they hadn’t, it would have been a problem.