Joke time

There was an Indian named Bowels and he gets confronted by a Railroad company that wants to buy his land, level his Tee Pee and put a Railroad through. No matter how much money they offer Bowels, all he says is “Bowels no move!” So they tell him to go to town to talk to a lawyer that will offer him a really good deal. They write the name and the address of the lawyer down on a piece of paper and give it to Bowels. Bowels goes into town but goes to the wrong address, he walks into a doctors office. The Doctor asks him what his problem is and Bowels replies “Bowels no move!” The doctor gives him some medicine and tells him to come back the next day. Bowels take off and comes back the next day looking sick. The doc asks him what’s wrong, and the Indian responds “Bowels no move!” The doctor gives him something stronger and asks him to return the next day. This continues for the next week and the doctor is getting annoyed, on the last day Bowels comes in and the doctor snaps and asks “What’s the matter bowels no move??!!” Bowels responds “Bowels had to move, Tee Pee full of shit”