Jones Locked Out

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones briefly was locked out of his team’s locker room following Sunday’s loss to the Falcons. Jones reportedly didn’t handle the temporary exclusion well. ** Read**
That was awesome! It’s about time! If they could find a way to keep him off the sidelines as well, that would be great.**

Jerry hasn’t figured out that you cannot be buddies with the players and be a GM at the same time. Or, he has, and it makes up such a big part of his enjoyment of the team that he can tolerate losing more easily than not being one of the guys in the locker room. General managers are the people who have to fire, or trade, people like Brett Favre, Joe Montana, and Johnny Unitas. That doesn’t work real well if the GM wants to be a buddy to the guys on the team.

Being an owner and being basically the personnel guy is a bad mix. Just ask Mike Brown, although he’ll never admit it.

Yup. Try to find a photo of Ted Thompson, GB Packer GM, with players in it. They exist, but they’re not common, other than say, at the Super Bowl. General Managers know that the price of the job is a certain essential loneliness and that respect, when it comes, is often well into the future.

Clint Murchsion and Tom Landry, may they rest in peace and GOD BLESS them