Jordan Peterson: Articulate Bulldog of the West


I’ve quickly taken a liking to this Canadian Psychologist/ College Professor Jordan Peterson:

He made a name for himself in standing up against a Canadian law that would have forced him to use “pronouns” for Trans-gender people ( he testified in the Senate, and it was later defeated).

In this video, he lionizes Western values, and in others, he tries to explain the differences between the sexes (yes, they exist!), as he himself has witnessed to them in his practice as a psychologist.

He also talks about personality traits, the importance of marriage ( and the destructive nature of divorce), SJW culture/victim identity, and the need for people to strive for higher purposes.

Oh, and that POST MODERNISM is pretty much an invention of the devil.

All around, just not at all what you’d would expect from a tenured Professor.


I love listening to this guy on Youtube, but his videos are so long, I don’t get much chance to.


I typically don’t listen to the full lectures, but the piecemeal bits that others have cut out of him talking on specific points.

A few of the ones I’ve Favorited: