Joy Behar, Narnia Numbskull


Joy Behar, Narnia Numbskull
By Tim Graham | December 11, 2010 | 07:32

On Thursday’s edition of The View, Joy Behar displayed how little she knows Sarah Palin’s favorite authors. As they discussed Palin’s answer to Barbara Walters asking what she reads, and Walters said Palin reads C.S. Lewis for “divine inspiration,” Behar asked “Aren’t those children’s books?”

She wasn’t joking, but she obviously liked the idea that Palin wasn’t smart enough to read “adult books.” The Narnia books aren’t exactly Dr. Seuss. Behar isn’t educated enough to know about his classic works of nonfiction in Christian apologetics, like Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. She can tell you all about Jersey Shore, but theology is not one of her hobbies:

Wait! Isn’t former Gov. Palin supposed to be the dumb one and Behar one of the smart ones? Even Whoopi Goldberg set Behar straight … puh-THEH-tic!


Even leaving aside the fact that C.S. Lewis wrote more than fairy tales (I just finished Mere Christianity a couple of weeks or so ago), there’s plenty in the Chronicles of Narnia that provokes thought in adults and which I suspect is above Ms. Behar’s maturity level.


Some colorful comments in that article…

One that wasn’t colorful but telling:

*I have to say that I never thought much of Mrs. Palin but now I cannot help but liking her. C.S. Lewis was a brilliant writer; I especially liked much of his early work that dealt with Celtic mysticism. Such vivid imagery in his writing was as masterful as any in the English language. As a Liberal I must apologize for the barbarism of Ms. Behar. Obviously she has never picked up a book by C.S. Lewis to call the man a children’s writer. That would be akin to calling the great Kipling a children’s fairytale novelist for writing the Jungle Book. Sometimes too many Philistines identify themselves as Liberals, and that is what gives us a bad name.

As a side note I must say that I have found Conservatives to be more of the reading type than Liberals. Many of my progressive friends cannot carry on a conversation about the great novels, whereas when I go to the book store, I most certainly am more likely to strike up a debate with a Conservative. Mrs. Palin, I give you my respect now for having such impeccable taste in writers.*


Well, if Behar was a reader she would probably not be a Liberal to begin with.


Well, if Behar was a reader she would probably not be a Liberal to begin with.

They are more stupid than stupid, that’s for sure.