Joy Behar sorry for calling Bill Clinton accusers 'tramps' on 'The View'


Joy Behar sorry for calling Bill Clinton accusers ‘tramps’ on ‘The View’ | Fox News

“The View” host Joy Behar called the women who allegedly slept with Bill Clinton “tramps” during a discussion on Monday about Sunday’s presidential debate. On Tuesday, she opened the show by apologizing for the comment, explaining it was a joke that went awry.

That’s just locker talk I suppose.

Some of the employees on this show said they would leave for Canada if Trump won, I guess that’s one way to ensure Canadians don’t root for Trump :redface:


Of the women that had sex with Clinton, it was either rape or free will. I don’t know that I would call them tramps, I don’t think that I have ever used that word. I guess that I might say that they were easily convinced though.
As for people leaving if he is elected, I’ve heard that before. What I haven’t heard is anyone doing it. But I feel that people should put their money where there mouth is. When Obama was elected the 2nd time I moved about 80% of my money out of the U.S… I’d much rather invest in a socialist (or communist) country that is becoming more capitalist than a capitalist country becoming more socialist so I did.


I can tell you in the former example you weren’t referring to Canada. The term “crony capitalism” and unaccountable system fits no nation more than Canada. Why anyone would take their money out of the best performing, most diverse and defiant economy in the world is beyond me.

Those people who want to leave should do so, in fact, nations should create an exchange program of sorts. Have people from friendly countries who want to move to another nation and their target nation do the same for them, work out the logistics and do a swap. With the caveat that you don’t treat the move to the other country like you’re living in a flop house. How much you want to bet how quickly some so-called celebrity of self importance wouldn’t make it through a short trial period before they would be begging to be back on American soil.

Can you imagine the drop of income of these tv show hosts or actors would experience in another country? How about a nice big increase in their taxes to go along with it so they learn first hand the “virutes” of socialism? Of course they are talking out of their behinds, they wouldn’t leave if you paid for their plane tickets.