Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the pick


Initial investigation of the Presidents Supreme Court pick looks to be an honorable defender of the Constitution, but what I like best is how Trump made no effort to “check any boxes” that so many think are important today.

I mock those who think race, gender and sexual preferences are important when selecting people whose responsibility will have nothing to do with race, gender and sexual preferences.

Most Republicans are obsessed with “what the Left will say!”, Trump spends zero time worrying about irrelevant crap like that :wink:


This seems like a most excellent choice.


The left is in meltdown.

I am enjoying this.

Finally, their SCOTUS tool has been destroyed for many years to come.

What . . . you think I’m being premature and he won’t be confirmed? It will be fun watching THAT meltdown too. Yes, he WILL be confirmed and the left’s smear tactics will backfire.

Finally, Bork has been avenged.


I’m not convinced. I expect dissappointment.

I suspect a true conservative would have trouble with the approval process. There is no way most of the senate RINOs would support a true conservative justice.

I hope to be wrong. Somehow I find myself saying that more often lately.


I agree that the GOP would trash any Constitutional Conservative appointment if they thought they could do so with impunity from the voters, but we are very close to an election and have a President who will not provide these liars and snakes any cover if they vote from their Leftist hearts; that is the reason for my optimism :wink:


Agreed, RET. NOTHING is more important to any of these folks than keeping their jobs…period. The same applies to Dimwitted Democrats, of course. I can’t imagine any of them committing political suicide to kow-tow to Chuckie Schumer.


As I said in another thread, I’m a little unsettled.

At first, I thought it was a good pick.

Now I’m not so sure.