Judge dismisses 'clock boy' lawsuit


Judge dismisses ‘clock boy’ lawsuit
By Kaileen Gaul For Dailymail.com
PUBLISHED: 11:13 EDT, 19 May 2017 | UPDATED: 11:13 EDT, 19 May 2017

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohamed’s father, saying the family will not get a payout from the city of Irving, Texas or the school district for the ‘clock boy’ scandal, DailyMail.com has learned.

Court papers obtained by DailyMail.com reveal on May 18, a judge dismissed the entire case. The lawsuit sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages along with attorney fees.
The judge wrote: ‘Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any IISD employee intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion.’

I believe this was a summary judgment, made without IISD having to present a defense. Summary judgments happen when the prosecutor or plaintiff have presented absolutely no case at all. Should be some Lib/Prog heads 'sploding over this ruling. Too bad IISD can’t recover from Clockmed’s male parent the costs of defending themselves against his frivolous lawsuit.


if that is the case then the system is still on the side of the bad guy.


Loser Pays is the solution, but don’t look for it anytime soon, what with all the trial lawyers in legislatures.


Whether criminal or civil, the cost of defending yourself in court is enormous. So the dice are loaded against a defendant, and pleaing to a lesser charge when one is in fact innocent is far cheaper. Similarly, a person or business often finds it far less expensive to buy off the plaintiff in a frivolous lawsuit, and do so. I’m actually a bit surprized the ISD fought the lawsuit. Either someone at the ISD is a stubborn cuss, and said, “Dammit, no!” or Clockmed’s Pa got greedy.


Loser pay in civil suits, and perjurers and false accusers receive the same consequences the one falsely accused would have received (up to and including capital punishment!).


I wouldn’t go so far as including capital punishment (if we went on the basis of what’s fair, we all would be going to hell, and Jesus wouldn’t have gone to the cross); but otherwise,



If the false (intentionally and knowingly) accusation and/or perjury (the cornerstone of the case, not a minor detail) were for First Degree Murder, I think the punishment for that perjury and/or false accusation should be up to and including the death penalty.