Judge in Flynn case recuses himself


I am seeing a lot of speculation on why this Judge is stepping down.

One is that there are public reports that Mueller and company hid exculpatory evidence from Flynn prior to the plea.

This obligates the Judge to report Mueller and company for possible bar violation or even illegal conduct.

So the Judge is getting the heck out now.
(I don’t know if this is true and I haven’t looked for these ‘reports’)

The other ‘theory’ is tied to the screen capture below.
(I’ll let you guess on that one!)


So it’s entirely possible that Judge Contreras is the FISA judge that received the phony “Trump dossier” as “proof” that Gen. Flynn should be surveilled? IF that was the case, the whole case against Flynn collapses as “fruit of the poisonous tree.” You may not use illegally-obtained “evidence” to prosecute someone. Without that surveillance “evidence,” there is no “proof” that Flynn lied to the FBI. In short, you cannot use the surveillance tape to “prove” that Gen. Flynn’s comments to the FBI “in error.” Gen. Flynn can always claim (rightly, in my opinion) that he agreed to a guilty plea ONLY in order to stop the drain on his bank accounts.


Yesterday I said that I couldn’t confirm any of the ‘theories’ surrounding this Judges recusal.

Today, I am almost certain that this was the Judge who granted the FISA warrant after another FISA Judge refused to grant it!

This is an excellent article on the subject that has me leaning toward collusion between the ‘Justice Department’ and this Judge.

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