Judge Jeanine: Sessions is the most dangerous man in America


In case you missed it!

The first video is the short version.

If you want to hear the entire opening statement … That is the second video.


I will watch her later tonight. I totally agree with her, he is more dangerous than Mueller, Chuck, Nancy, Paul, Mitch or and all of the Deep State urchins.


Don’t disagree, OD. Sessions, if he had an OUNCE of integrity, would “recuse” himself right out of the DOJ so we can get someone in as AG who actually understands and BELIEVES in the Constitution and the Rule of Law.


It’s interesting that Sessions was the ONLY cabinet appointment where the President violated his own “rule” of picking the best person for the job without regard for politics. He was the first member of the Senate to endorse Trump which I think was important at the time.


I’m ok with discovering some day that Sessions really was a genius.

I’ll be able to say that he played incompetent with absolute perfection and that Trump played the totally disappointed role to a “T”.

It will be a compliment to them to say that I was bamboozled … hook, line, and sinker! :beer:


THIS----> :beer: was created accidentally!