Judge Nap: Obama Has Not Hesitated To Kill Innocent Child With Drones


Judge Napolitano: Obama Has Not Hesitated To Kill Foreign And American Innocent Children With Drones

The man is a disgusting hypocrite. Surrounding himself with children to announce gun ‘control’ measures while he has his drones murder innocent children around the world.


Haha hadn’t thought about this yet. Very true.

I did find it ironic that the American people were so horrified of the killing of children here but when it happens overseas via bombs dropped (by us or otherwise), the muzzle of a gun, or through starvation then the majority turn a blind eye and are apathetic.


First of all, BS. Second of all, I notice that abortion isn’t on that list. Whether you believe it to be murder or not, we most certainly do.


And once again…the nuttier side of Libertarianism rears its’ ugly head and reveals its’ leftist, blame America, isolationist mantra that RAND will have to disown if he is to run for anything in 2016. This will be the REAL test of his campaign.


I’m sure we don’t carry the same views on abortion but yes, that should be added. There’s plenty more that should be added.