Judge Napolitano on NY Paper: ‘Invites Retaliation Against Law-Abiding Citizens’


The New York state newspaper that published the names of locals who had obtained firearm permits has now stationed armed guards at its offices after a fierce public outcry.

Judge Andrew Napolitano talked to Stuart Varney on Fox Business this morning about these recent developments amid a national debate over gun rights following the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack. Napolitano said The Journal-News is “obviously being inconsistent” by now seeking armed protection in response to the flood of angry emails and phone calls.

“I think it was wrong of them to have revealed those names, but not unconstitutional and not unlawful. From a moral point of view, this ratchets up the debate, this turns the heat up, this exposes people to public gaze when they shouldn’t be,” said Napolitano.

“The interactive map almost invites retaliation for people doing what the law authorizes them to do, which is get permission to own a gun.”