Judge Napolitano Slams DOJ Over Gibson Guitar Raid: 'Unjustifiable' 'Criminal'


Judge Napolitano Slams DOJ Over Gibson Guitar Raid: ‘Unjustifiable, Use Of Force Was Criminal’

After it was revealed that the IRS targeted conservative groups, there are renewed calls for an investigation into the Gibson Guitar raid. In 2011, federal agents raided Gibson’s Tennessee headquarters, accusing the company of using illegal wood from overseas to make their guitars. Was this incident another example of the federal government punishing a top Republican donor?

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on America Live that the issue has resurfaced because “this administration has a penchant for seeking vengeance against those who want to speak out, and the owner of Gibson did so verbally by endorsing Republican candidates and financially by endorsing them as well.”

The judge said he’d like to know who in the Department of Justice gave the okay on the military-style raid. “The raid was unjustifiable. The use of force in the raid was criminal.”

After the government seized Gibson’s wood and effectively shut down their business for a month, the company now has $2.5 million in legal fees. Napolitano noted that Gibson still hasn’t received its wood back, nor have they been compensated for it as federal law requires of seized assets.

“It’s not the same as manufacturing methamphetamine,” he said. “If it was improperly imported, that is a civil wrong. It’s not a criminal one.”


Nothing (and I do mean nothing) surprises me anymore insofar as this Administration’s far-reaching clutches and its all-too apparent disregard for the laws of this nation. They stomp on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Bible, the Pledge of Allegiance…and now upon an icon of American business. Is this really a surprise to anyone? I mean, if I were working for these bozos and did not personally agree with their choices, I’d be mortified to admit an association with them. These poor schleps who have to swallow all this crap that this Administration is rolling out day after day in order to squelch the murmurs of dissatisfaction in the ranks must be about the saddest most depressed people in the country. Really…I feel bad for the hardworking, honest Dems and Repubs that are in the unfortunate situation of having to work for this Coward-in-Chief and all his evasive-answering “yes”-men and -women.