Judge rules no constitutional protection of bureaucrat health benefits


Sangamon County Circuit Court Associate Judge Stephen Nardulli ruled today that Illinois’ government retiree health benefits are not protected by the Illinois Constitution.
Nardulli granted the state’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by former Democrat appellate Judge Gordon Maag to overturn an Illinois law allowing the state to charge state retirees for health insurance.

Judge rules no constitutional protection of bureaucrat health benefits - Illinois Review

I think is all is about the fact that when one reached full retirement from the state after 35 years and using the rule of 85, the state picked up the cost for retirees for health insurance. Governor Quinn stopped that awhile back. Bottom line the state shares the cost of health insurance for state workers and they want to get out of paying for it except for the upper management.

Note the state has for years played around with retirement plans and not paid their share and even using the money state workers paid into the plan for their own purposes. The realization should be made that while this fight is going on and the state is broke the state wants to fund other projects and has no intention of stopping spending.

I am not routing for the union but pointing out the dynamics involved which say things a whole lot different than is reported by the media.

The state wants more benefits for illegals, build the third airport the airlines do not want, push gay marriage, high speed rail, and other little tidbits.