Judicial Watch Finds New Emails Showing Huma Abedin Doing Clinton Foundation Favors..


Full headline: Judicial Watch Finds New Emails Showing Huma Abedin Doing Clinton Foundation Favors For Russia Connected Group While at The State Department

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has found a number of new emails belonging to former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton containing classified information and showing favors being done for a Russia connected organization through the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. The emails were obtained through a lawsuit against the Department and a recent court order.

“The new Abedin emails also reveal additional instances in which Clinton’s then- scheduler Lona Valmoro forwarded the former secretary of state’s detailed daily schedule to top Clinton Foundation officials. The new emails also reveal a number of favors that were requested and carried out,” Judicial Watch found. “In May 2010, Abedin tells Band that she has ‘hooked up’ people from the Russian American Foundation with ‘the right people’ at the State Department after Abedin received a request from Russian American Foundation Vice President Rina Kirshner, forwarded by Clinton Foundation donor Eddie Trump (no relation to President Trump).”


I am SHOCKED to see this and to think she blames Trump for the Russians…


One of the common reality-based jokes about Libs & Progs is that anything they accuse Rs and conservatives of doing, they are the ones who actually have done (or are doing) it.


LOL, for sure, that was a sarcastic remark. As HildaBeast points at the Russians, NO ONE has more Russian on their hands than she does Uranium deal should be enough to charge with Treason and put her in jail for the rest of her short life…