Judicial Watch: Justice Department Discloses No FISA Court Hearings Held on Carter Page Warrants


‘[N]o such hearings were held with respect to the acknowledged FISA applications. Accordingly, no responsive hearing transcripts exist.’



FISA judges are appointed by Chief Justice Roberts. He should take them to the woodshed for acting like a rubber stamp kangaroo court for the DOJ. We also need our elected representatives to take a hard look at the FISA and Patriot Act. Maybe actually read the damn bills and take out the blatant unconstitutional stuff. Instead of violating the civil rights of American citizens, how about scrapping all the nonsense PC rules of engagement and profiling restrictions.


The guy who created his own law to force Obamcare on us all?

That guy?

Uh, No.


This is a HUGE story. Is it being shown on any of the TV media, or given front page space in the print media?


No and it’s beyond me why a lot of the conservative forums aren’t covering it more!?

I am a member of some very conservative (not yet taken over by leftist trolls) forums that have members in the thousands and not much time is being spent on this!