Julian Castro wants to put the Betsy Ross flag in a museum


In speech on July 3, former Housing and Urban Development secretary and Democrat presidential candidate compared the Betsy Ross 13 star flag to the Confederate flag. He said that it should fly no more and only be in a museum. Why? Slavery existed when it was designed.

Here is another example of an extreme leftist who is out to rewrite history. It’s the same thing the Nazis and Communists did in the 20th century. After he’s put all of the things that offend him in a museum, Castro will burn the building. Don’t doubt me on that. This is one more example of how AOC is not a Democrat outlier. She is at the soul of the modern Socialist Democrat Party. More and more of these people are coming out of the shadows every day.

This guy really hates The United States and everything it stands for. I used to joke that he is Fidel Castro’s nephew. Now I’m starting to believe it.

This hater will not get the Democrat nomination, but you can bet that he will get another cabinet post if one the Democrats wins the White House in 2020.


Numerous studies published and peer reviewed in the American Journal Of Psychology and Journal of Social Psychology going back at least 8 decades have consistently documented/demonstrated the important interrelationship of ritualized behavior and iconic symbols in preserving national/cultural institutions. Think of ritual and iconic cultural symbols as the ties that bind a people and a nation - to a significant extent.

You want to weaken a nation, bring it down - then attack, undermine and destroy - literally - its iconic symbols and the patriotic behavior of those for whom those symbols hold meaning and emotional significance. While you’re at it - attack, both verbally and literally - those with whom you disagree. Practice “free speech is for me, not thee”. Pull down historical statues, destroy/deface monuments, attack/burn the flag, disrupt demean and demoralize anyone standing in your way. Those who disagree with you must be destroyed and labeled bigots, racists and homophobes. After all, why debate facts when labels produce an easily controlled and media manipulated “fact free zone”.

Now, members of our political class - think AOC among most others (incl. establishment Republicans) - are generally too ignorant to understand these relationships and the transcendent threat posed by destroying the nation’s fabric (along with anyone who might get in their way) in the name of “social justice” or the latest catch-phrase flavor of the week.

However, those “Brownshirts” in our colleges and universities teaching this crap and others in control of our media hell-bent on presenting the big lie of the Left, are not that stupid.

The question is, are the American people stupid enough to go along with it.

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