June 19-25 Outage

Guys, this outage couldn’t have come at a worse time for me. Zedd was completely off the grid, and will be for a long spell. I was unattentive to RO emails due to other personal matters that kept me completely tied up (I never noticed emails concerning RO’s downtime until just 18 hours ago).

This shines a light on the elephant in the room - I’m simply unable to commit any time to technically administering this site. We have 3 possible routes:

  1. Someone amongst us or that we trust within the community volunteers to take over technical watch of the server, software, etc.

  2. We all chip in regularly to pay for a contractor or other support (hosting provider, or vBulletin).

  3. Do nothing and hope i catch it earlier next time

If you want to pm the details to me, I can do this.


I never realized how much I’ve come to depend on RO and my friends here until this past outage. Wow! Sorry to hear about your situation, WIJG, but there is life beyond RO, I guess! What caused this? Was it our server or some kind of internet glitch? Anyway, I’m glad we’re back and happy that Devilneck might be able to carry the torch for you.

That’s great. I would do it if I knew how.

As like DN PM me and let me know what I can do to help. I would hate to put it all off on him Plus I think two eyes are better than one.

I just couldn’t let this go by. I wish I had a couple of minion images - one of the one-eyed ones, and one of the two-eyed ones.

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I’ve REALLY missed RO these past days! Glad to see it back up. Thanks to whomever is responsible.

Always ready to help a lady.


I had plenty of other things to do. It would come back up eventually.

I think we could stand to get a mass e-mail out to members who might not have gottent the word.

That’s a great idea. Plus, if something like this happens again, someone could send a mass email to the members to let them know. I kept checking the front page to see if there might be any kind of a message, but there was none.

[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:10, topic:46844”]
I think we could stand to get a mass e-mail out to members who might not have gottent the word.
[/quote]I think we need two things: 1) A mass e-mail list among people the group trusts (I’m not sure if a liberal Democrat would necessarily be one of those); and 2) a Facebook or page as a backup way of communicating, such as the group Liberal Democrats for Ted Cruz (link) I established (and I could use some more members). FYI My Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/jim.gl if anyone wants to “friend” me to start the process rolling.

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Somebody just needs to monitor the facebook but nobody seems to look at it. But don’t mind me, I’m just a face in the crowd.

I looked to see if RO had a FB page, but it doesn’t–or at least, I couldn’t find it. FB page would be a good idea, though.

Here is the RO Facebook page

A few of us were discussing the outage there but the page had not been monitored officially for a few years.

How come I’m no longer getting e-mails on subscribed threads?

I am not either, I think it is connected to the outage.

What has been done since John told us about his problem?

I wonder if notifications will work either.

Mine are working smoothly, but someone said they were going straight to their spam folder so they had to mark them as “not spam” and save the RO email address to their contacts to clear that issue up.

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