June 19-25 Outage


One went to spam. I updated my filter and it seems smooth for now.


If it goes to spam its on your side of the wall. Mark it as not spam or junk and your email client should learn it…


Hey 17Oaks! I’ve been meaning to ask you: why did you lock the dog out from your gate?


LOL, “Buddy” is guarding the gate while I am away.[ATTACH]2845[/ATTACH]


What breed is “Buddy”? And how many people has he killed on guard duty?


Buddy is a Coon Hound Black and Tan, the 2 others are Redbone and Blue Tick. He has not needed to kill anyone. In rural Tex, a barbed wire fence and a locked cattle gate are a message to those who may want to trespass that it may not be a good or healthy idea. I now have a sign that says: This gate is locked for YOUR protection, NOT mine!

Coon hounds as a breed are lovable, loyal and not aggressive at all, but will DEFEND the family (adults, children, dogs, livestock etc) and property to their death. But you grandkids cannot pull their ears, tail or anything else that would ever get them to raise a hackle and your little 5 lb Yorkie can take food out of his mouth and he will never even utter a sound. Thats just the way they are with family.


Coon hound. Is that an actual breed or is it just the name you Texans call your dogs? BTW, your attachment doesn’t work.


They are very much an actual breed. Like Golden Retrievers they kill about two or three people a day.


No, Coon Hound is a fully recognized breed, along with its sub-breeds by the AKC.

Not sure why the attachment did not work, but I have noted that attachments may or many not work here at RO.


Because of their ferocity aren’t their special insurance and confinement requirements? In my neck of the woods we have about 3 deaths a day attributed to Golden Retrievers and 2 a day from coonhounds.


We had a couple blue ticks that we just loved…mother and daughter. So sweet. The Captain used them for hunting. Blue Ann and Missy


We have the same problem with Jackrabbits, seems like no human or beast is safe from their wrath some days.




The Magnaclams would laugh…