Junk Mail


Opened my mail today and all of it was junk mail. The thought occurred to me if those companies sending me stuff only bought current mailing list rather than old ones they would save money

One was to sell a car that I got rid of in 2000 and would have been 27 years old anyway. One was for a person who has not lived here for 8 years. One wanted me to buy insurance from a company I already have insurance with.


I keep getting junk mail from a company I had contacted about life insurance. They only responded with more junk mail, and I bought my life insurance elsewhere. But they keep sending me junk mail. Of course, I get lots of catalogs for woman’s clothing - some that I have bought from several times, especially since in the last couple years I had to completely rebuild my wardrobe due to loss of weight. I’m not buying now, no matter how tempting. My closet is 'way too full. I also get an occasional novelty catalog, most of which I have bought from occasionally - they often have stuff I can’t get anywhere else. And of course, I get flyers from the local businesses.