Jussie Smollett Part II


The state’s attorney’s office just came out and said that because this would have been Smollet’s first offense (aside from lying to the police a few years ago during a DUI stop), he would most likely only be given a sentence of community service, and that he has been good for the community and thus has already performed “community service.”
(He’s an actor don’t cha know!)

Michelle Obama aide Tina Tchen

This all started with “White’s wearing a MAGA hat attacked me!”

The fact that the case is sealed tells you all you need to know about this nonsense.

This is a political decision, not a law decision.


Livid Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Insists Jussie Smollett Is Guilty: “Is There No Decency In This Man?”


Is this any surprise? The celebrity gets to walk, and he comes out continuing to repeat his lies. The prosecuter is weak person, a fool and probably a Democrat who has once more showed us that there are two levels of justice. One for liberal Democrats and another for everyone else.


I’ll be brief:

To use a phrase made famous by Donald Trump, “the Shiit hole” known as Chicago - the Democrat political swamp that looks the other way as scores of its citizens get shot; the political swamp that produced the Obamas - has demonstrated to us once again that “equal justice under the law”, if it ever truly existed, went the way of button shoes and the Dodo Bird.

BTW, tonight it is being reported the “community service” allegedly performed by Smollett and pointed to as a reason to drop all charges, consisted of 16 hours of stuffing mailers at Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Push office in Chicago.

My answer/response to the entire 2 years of BS this country has endured at the hands of subversives, including today’s travesty in Chicago . . .

Vote “Trump Unchained 2020”


LOL…It’s one for people of Celebrity/Wealth/Power and everyone else.


Nonsense, of course. If he were a REPUBLICAN, he’d never have been granted bail…let alone let off the hook for what he obviously did.


The Republican victim card, honestly Dave, that’s precious.


Not any “victim” claims here, CSB. Just telling it like it is insofar as Chicago is concerned. It’s been run by Democrats since before I was born (and I’m now 77!). It was the Daley administration that gave us JFK instead of the REAL winner–R.M. Nixon–in 1960 which led BOTH to JFK’s assassination AND the Vietnam War that eventually resulted in the election of Bill Clinton AND Barack H. Obama and the simply awful mess that is the Democrat Party today.