Just another reason to own a gun!


Thought this was pretty cool! My sister lives in Virginia–maybe I’ll move there! Gee…do you think this is going to be another “Chik-Fil-A” thing?

Gun owners get a discount at Virginia pizza shop




You don’t wanna eat Virginia Pizza! But I like the thought. :smiley:


We’d offer free steak in Texas for gun owners but restaurant owners would go broke. LOL


and cause a worldwide beef shortage


OMGosh!! I am such a beef eater!! (I guess that comes from my dad’s side of the family!) Those steaks look scrumptious! I had the best steak ever in my life while in NY. It was called a “Delmonico” steak, it was about two to two-and a half inches thick and it weighed over a pound. Needless to say, it was my meal for several days! BTW, the only way to eat a steak is RARE!!!


This is awesome. I’m wanting to open my own restaraunt now. I’ve got to wait for our stupid law to get overturned so we will finally be able to carry into restaraunts that serve alcohol. Yet again, I may not have to…


I wonder if it’s a cumulative discount? So that if I was carrying more guns, I could get more discount??