Just do it!


These guys did!:grinning:


I think Nike might be committing corporate suicide.


Colin the racist is proving to be the Typhoid Mary for successful businesses, it is quite enjoyable to watch!


R.I.P. Nike, died of Colin Cancer, 2018.



Yeah, I was perfectly happy with the NFL crapping on the National Anthem and then wiping their butts with the American Flag; that is until THE RUSSIANS COERCED ME INTO THINKING THAT WAS WRONG!

The Russians did it!
The Russians did it!
The Russians did it!

What would we do without the Left to watch out for us, just think of all the “evil words” that we might hear with our sensitive and non discerning ears; Thank you Oh Leftist wise ones for your well intended censorship and all of your efforts to extend that into every debate for “Our Protection”.

You guys are unbelievable.


I saw a meme on FB that shows Ralph Wiggam (character from The Simpsons) saying: “I hate the President because my TV told me to…”