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The U.S.S. Truman Aircraft Carrier Battle Group’s deployment to the Persain Gulf has been cancelled at the last minute due to budget cuts.


Budget cuts… Well, apparently all we need out there are some drone units, so it’s time to pull the rest of our forces back to permanent stations.


If we really want to confront Obama on spending, we must be prepared to let the spending sequester kick in. If it does, it will force drastic reductions in how the U.S. can project military power, as well as the layoffs of thousands of military and civilian personnel.

No, that’s not how I’d like it in a perfect world, but the idiot SoCons weren’t motivated enough this past fall to stand with us, so we’re stuck with the world as it is. The GOP cannot responsibly permit a default of the U.S. government, so the spending sequester is all we’ve got. And the spending sequester will hit the military harder than anything else. That’s unfortunate, but there is simply no other choice.


The ‘sequester’ is the stupidist thing the Rupublicans have fallen for in a long time.


It 's not ideal, but it’s the most effective leverage we have at the present time. We had far stronger weapons at one time, but we pissed them away in November.


I wouldn’t despise sequestration so much if it didn’t only affect the DoD. Why can’t this hit other departments as well? Dept of Ag, Dept of HOusing, Dept of Departments… << I made that last one up, hehehe!


Well, maybe the automatic DoD cuts it will motivate Obama to stop acting like a prick. He is, after all, the Commander in Chief. But we need to be prepared to significantly curtail the projection of our military power if he does not give a damn.


I say we abolish the NEA and Dept. of Education. That would free up at least a couple thousand billion for the defense…


When the sequester deal was announced chills went up my spine, but alas, it’s all we have now.


In fact, the Budget Control Act does affect both defense and non-defense programs. Non-defense programs affected include FEMA, whose budget will be cut by $1 billion; the Food and Drug Administration, which is going to have to lay off hundreds of food inspectors; the FAA, which is going to have to lay off 1,000 air traffic controllers; the National Institutes of Health (I have an uncle who works there, too bad, guess we don’t need health research); law enforcement; and education, with thousands of American children being dropped from the Head Start program alone.

But all that wasn’t enough for the House GOP last year, who wanted to exempt military programs from the sequestration and thus make non-military programs bear the full cost. All so millionaires can continue to have their lowest effective tax rate in a lifetime.


Unmitigated crock.


Just how many of the departments you mentioned above are actually mentioned in the Constitution as being a part of what the government is supposed to be doing?