Just how many BLACK WOMEN are there in Congress?

The latest attempt by the Left to discredit Mr.Trump introduces us to another vitriolic African alleged American female.Just who put these FREAKY FEMALES into office? I think people like that are what make the REPUBLICAN PARTY great…because they are not in it!

I think the thread could have been labelled a bit more carefully…

From a PC standpoint, I agree; however I kinda like it for that very reason. :roll_eyes:

Here’s my alternate title (a bit bulky and awkward, but still on point):

“Just how many Maxine Waters’s are there in Congress?”


NOTHING wrong with the title, just asking a ?

18 women (black) serve in Congress or about 3%, LGBT has 7 folks in its ranks in Congress…

You know, the U.S.House of Reprehinsables is a bigger threat than Lil’Kim and the NoKos any day of the week…