Just In Case Zedd's Announcement Wasn't Noticed ...

Date-Stamped 08-19-2017 until 08-23-2017

Subject RO Transfer and Update

RO will be temporarily locked to “READ ONLY” during domain ownership transfer and updates. Transfer will begin and complete sometime within the next 24-48 hours.

At this point, RO Mods do not know anything more than this.


Thanks Pete
Short notice, but RO will be keeping its lights on under new ownership. Zedd will still be involved as administrator in the foreseeable future. I may not be involved any more than I’ve been in the last year or two (which is not much at all).

Moderation will still be in the hands of the same moderation team - no big changes there that i’m aware of.

A complete change to the software is in the works though, it might happen very soon. I’m sure Zedd will share details when he knows the scheduled rollout.


Yes, this was short notice even to me but I’ll still be around.

RO will be transferred within 48 hours, and details surrounding the new forum software will be shared then. Until then new users will not be allowed to register on RO. Everything will be transferred over in 3 stages (ownership -> content -> new software) and it may require RO to go into “read only” mode a couple more times.

Trying to make this as smooth as possible.

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