Just in! Fox News investigations validate voter fraud!



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Just in! Fox News investigations validate voter fraud!


What’s the word from all the libtards?


(Obama wouldn’t even have made the primary in 2008!)


Well you have to give it to the dems for being dedicated. But the question is will this come up BIG during this election? My guess is that they will try it again. I also think that good old Hillary & the dems know that there’s a chance that Trump will blow them out of the water in votes.
Again I would suggest going to U-Tube & watching some of the political video’s there. They seem to be faking how popular Hillary is & under playing how popular Trump is. One of the examples I saw looking like Hillary had a packed event when in fact only 171 people signed in at the door.


Let me’s axe you? How can you prove fraud when ANY form of identification is allowed. Like the Sam’s club card (NO I am not kidding). My wife is an election Judge and she has to certify she has taken the course and there is a new course every year since laws change. I usually take it with her, just FYI for me. Last year one example they gave of a legit and valid form of ID was the Sam’s Club card.

The bottom line: Fraud will rule the vote and the person with the most Fraud will win…


In California it is ILLEGAL for a Poll Worker to ask for identification, you merely state your name, they find it in the book, you sign your name.

Anyone can vote for anyone who is registered but does not show up, if you find that someone has signed your name and voted in your place you can protest and they will give you a ballot; but your ballot will NOT be counted until a “panel” decides which ballot came from the “real you”.

Which must be determined without any Poll Worker having ever seen any form of identification.

So the “panel” simply picks the ballot that is most supportive of what they want and declares that ballot to be the “Real Voters Ballot”.

We are the illegal immigrant capital of the world so this poses no problems [/sarcasm]


Democracy is coming to an end in this country because of voter fraud promoted by the fascist Democrat Party. The Democrats own all California’s electoral votes. It’s useless to even spend money campaigning there. Now they have decided to avoid taking any chances whatsoever with the state. We are now seeing with our very eyes how the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany took control of their countries. We have our home grown versions of them here in the court system, in the Congress and in the main stream media.