Just One Big Happy Family

Republicans and Democrats are just “one big happy family” said the liberal Hollywood actor Robert Redford.

As a younger actor Redford made films about the corruption and compromises at the heart of political ambition that, he hoped, would cause Americans to demand more of their leaders. (egs. The Candidate and All The Presidents Men)

He said later he was disappointed to discover that Americans enjoyed the distraction of his films as mere entertainment but were not interested in the deeper meanings of his films.

His cynicism about American politics was later reinforced when he recieved a Kennedy Center honor and spent the evening hobnobbing with Washington’s elite.

Robert Redford said:
"Here were sworn enemies, the leaders who beat the sh!t out of each other all day in public, but the minute those doors closed for the state dinner, the daggers went away and it was one big happy family. I saw former Republican Senator Bill Frist weaving through the tables, and he came over to Ted Kennedy and start massaging his shoulders and laughing like they were the oldest buddies in the world.

Everybody was crossing the aisles and chuckling, and I said, ‘Oh I get it! Its really just a game.’ "

Jack note: This tid-bit has a little age on it, but nothing much has changed in the “political club” up there in DC, especially in the Senate.
Source: The Week, Oct. 19, 2007 issue.

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** Absalom And His Magnificient Hair: **

"In all Israel there was not a man so highly praised for his handsome appearance as Absalom. From the top of his head to the sole of his foot there was no blemish in him. **Whenever he cut the hair of his head—he used to cut his hair once a year because it became too heavy for him—he would weigh it, and its weight was two hundred shekels ** by the royal standard. [Jack note: The footnote says thats 5 pounds of hair]
2 Sam. 14:25-26

2 Samuel 14 NIV - Absalom Returns to Jerusalem - Joab son - Bible Gateway

** A Really Bad Hair Day: **

9 Now Absalom happened to meet David’s men. He was riding his mule, and as the mule went under the thick branches of a large oak, Absalom’s hair got caught in the tree. He was left hanging in midair, while the mule he was riding kept on going.

10 When one of the men saw what had happened, he told Joab,** “I just saw Absalom hanging in an oak tree.”**

11 Joab said to the man who had told him this, “What! You saw him? Why didn’t you strike him to the ground right there? Then I would have had to give you ten shekels** of silver and a warrior’s belt.”

12 But the man replied, “Even if a thousand shekels[c] were weighed out into my hands, I would not lay a hand on the king’s son. In our hearing the king commanded you and Abishai and Ittai, ‘Protect the young man Absalom for my sake.[d]’ 13 And if I had put my life in jeopardy[e]—and nothing is hidden from the king—you would have kept your distance from me.”

14 Joab said, “I’m not going to wait like this for you.” So he took three javelins in his hand and plunged them into Absalom’s heart while Absalom was still alive in the oak tree. 15 And ten of Joab’s armor-bearers surrounded Absalom, struck him and killed him."
2 Sam. 18:9-15

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Amnon, whom Absalom killed, is the one in that family who ticks me off because he raped Tamar.

I’d guess a 99.99% probability Absalom’s men used either swords or spears to finish off Amnon. Possibly poetic justice if you stop and think about it for awhile.

I always found Amnon to be particularly disgusting and childish with his pouting self-centered lust and related qualities.

Regarding why David had so many mis-behaved children, have you ever read this verse?

5 Now Adonijah, whose mother was Haggith, put himself forward and said, “I will be king.” So he got chariots and horses[a] ready, with fifty men to run ahead of him. 6 (His father had never rebuked him by asking, “Why do you behave as you do?” He was also very handsome and was born next after Absalom.)
I Kings 1:5-6

Also one could possibly tie I Kings 1:5-6 in with the fact that “many wives” produced for David a situation that was almost humanly impossible to control. Talk about an ongoing “Extended Family Soap Opera” with mucho wives and scads of children, King David had more on him than he could handle, imo.

See, God knew what He was talking about in Genesis … Twas to be ** Adam & Eve ** … **and NOT Adam & Mary & Sue & Bertha & Annie & Beth & Ruth & Wilma … lol … **

So, the NIV says he was caught by his hair? I’ve always heard the story that way, but KJV just says that he caught his head in the oak.


One version of the NIV does say that, this one right here:

Now Absalom happened to meet David’s men. He was riding his mule, and as the mule went under the thick branches of a large oak, Absalom’s hair got caught in the tree. He was left hanging in midair, while the mule he was riding kept on going. 2 Sam. 18:9

2 Samuel 18 NIV - David mustered the men who were with - Bible Gateway

All I can figure out as to why the NIV translators included the word “hair” in the above version of 2 Sam. 18:9 is that:

(1) Absalom did have thick hair

(2) His thick hair was a part of his head … lol … (no kidding!! /grin)

(3) His head was caught in the “the thick boughs of a great oak” (says the text)

(4) It would seem utterly impossible for his head to be caught in “the thick boughs” without his HAIR also being caught in those same “thick boughs.”

“Thick” hair caught in “thick” branches! So the NIV translators took the liberty to include the word “hair” in 2 Sam. 18:9

Anyway, thats my best guess on it. /grin

** I note that my NIV 1984 version does not mention hair in 2 Sam. 18:9 **

Adam Clark says:
And his head caught hold of the oak - It has been supposed that Absalom was caught by the hair, but no such thing is intimated in the text. Probably his neck was caught in the fork of a strong bough, and he was nearly dead when Joab found him; for it is said, 2 Samuel 18:14, he was yet alive, an expression which intimates he was nearly dead.

Another commentary:

  1. Absalom met the servants of David–or was overtaken. “It is necessary to be continually on one’s guard against the branches of trees; and when the hair is worn in large locks floating down the back, as was the case with a young man of the party to which I belonged, any thick boughs interposing in the path might easily dislodge a rider from his seat, and catch hold of his flowing hair” [HARTLEY].

Some, however, think that the sacred historian points not so much to the hair, as to the head of Absalom, which, being caught while running between two branches, was enclosed so firmly that he could not disengage himself from the hold, nor make use of his hands. The mule that was under him went away–The Orientals, not having saddles as we do, do not sit so firmly on the beasts they ride. Absalom quitting his hold of the bridle, apparently to release himself when caught in the oak, the mule escaped.

2 Samuel 18 Commentary - Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

2 Samuel 18:9

American Standard Version (ASV) does not mention hair.**

9 And Absalom chanced to meet the servants of David. And Absalom was riding upon his mule, and the mule went under the thick boughs of a great oak, and his head caught hold of the oak, and he was taken up between heaven and earth; and the mule that was under him went on.