Just who is being 'insensitive' to Jews?


There are numerous aspects of the memorial pep rally in Tucson that bother me, but, at the risk of sounding like a hypersensitive minority member (I’m Jewish), I’m going to focus on one little thing that others might not have noticed.

Sarah Palin is taking heat for invoking the term “blood libel” to describe the false blame heaped on her and other Conservatives for the Tucson massacre, on the supposed grounds that she trivialized that term and by doing so showed insensitivity to Jews. While I feel that casually labeling people “Nazis” does tend to trivialize the real Nazis and their horrors, I thought Palin’s use of the term “blood libel” was not inappropriate.

American Thinker Blog: Just who is being ‘insensitive’ to Jews?

What I have seen is the usual snow job by the left claiming outrage for what Palin said while having done or said the same themselves.


Further from Stu Tarlowe’s American Thinker article:

Now, given that at least two of the victims, that I know of, are Jewish – the Congresswoman herself and Gabe Zimmerman, her aide who was killed – Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, praying and reading from the Bible at the podium, could have offered non-sectarian prayers and Old Testament scripture selections. Instead, they chose to quote the New Testament and to pray specifically to Jesus.

So, I’d like to ask: Just who is being insensitive to Jews?
Maybe I’m not catching all of Tarlowe’s point, but why single out having quoted from the New Testament - almost all of whose writers were Jewish - but not mention the opening prayer/address (not sure of the appropriate term) by the Indian leader addressed to the Indian Creator-God. That seems to be a bit of a gnat-straining-while-camel-swallowing exercise.

I heard the “memorial” from near the end of the Indian leader’s prayer/address through the very beginning of Governor Brewer’s address. Did any priest, pastor, rabbi or religious leader other than the Indian speak? From what little I know of the victims, there should at least have been a Catholic priest and a rabbi of appropriate Jewish group. If not, that showed thoughtlessness toward those supposedly being memorialized! What I heard of the memorial was pretty much generally odd, except for the intro and speech of the student who aided Rep. Giffords; that was very appropriate and moved me. Maybe I’m too close to geezerhood and have old odd notions of what honoring some one means.


Being close to geezerhood doesn’t make your notions odd - they are more likely to be appropriate and accurate than the activities of those you criticize. God bless the “old geezers!” May their (our) “tribe” increase!


Because the Authors were not God/ Didn’t have Divine Providence, and wrote it how People would write it, and not how prophets would write it.