Justice Department Takes Baker's Side in Gay Wedding Cake Case Before Supreme


The Department of Justice under President Donald Trump is taking the side of a Colorado baker who declined to make a cake for a gay couple.

The baker, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Bakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, is the plaintiff in a case scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court this fall. The state’s civil rights commission ruled that Phillips violated Colorado’s public accommodations law and engaged in discrimination for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Scott Shackford @ Reason


If this is the case, it’ll really get interesting when the USSC hears it…


Will be interesting to see where Gorsuch lands on this.


Here is the problem: What RIGHTS do we have? For that and the answer, we MUST turn to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Right to Free Speech and Right to Freedom of Religion, it spells this out very clearly. But what has occurred is the courts (the GOVT) has DECLARED that GAY Rights trump the Bill of Rights which are GOD GIVEN!

That said what IF the bakers were Muslims and they said no to the Gays…Courts are NOT consistent as they give Muslims a pass, stating their Muslim faith dictates…

Time for America to bring the Constitution back into our lives and our courtrooms and go back to the day when that was the basis for law, not some 2 bit whore of a judge that thinks he can make law from his bench…the bench where his azz sits.


Most of our rights aren’t expressed by the Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton didn’t want the bill of rights to begin with, because he feared that courts would read the bill of rights as the only canonical list, ignoring any other rights we have.


The Constitution was not meant to encompass all rights, but rather the GOD GIVIEN that man cannot take away. The problem with man’s [Govt] rights is that as the Govt gives it can also take and deny on a case by case basis. The bakery is a classic example of this, they are forced by man to obey and succumb to a phony gay right which trumped their GOD given, but had they been Muslim (not sure of the outcome) my guess is the Muslim rights would trump or so some courts have ruled.

The divisions in our society today come from and have been originated by the govt and the courts. There is a hierarchy in America of peoples. If we restore the Constitution back to “We the people” and stop creating divisions based upon race, color, creed, religion, sex and who knows what else the govt can dream up, and make everyone comply with our laws to include the Clintons, Obama and the rest. It would be a far better society. That said I do not expect it to happen and strongly feel we are seeing the last of the US Constitution as we knew it. We will soon move to a living document which reflects the wants (NOT needs) of society and the govt. Meaning its not worth the paper its written on.


It’s more like the ones that were most on the Founder’s minds thanks to their experience at the hands of the British.

There are God Given, or rather, Negative Rights, the Constitution doesn’t mention.

You have the right to associate with who you want, the right to choose and follow a profession, the right to home school your kids, etc.


The right to free associate is covered in the Consitution. The prob with choice of profession or home schooling of kids, the Constitution would end up being 100’s of thousands of pages long, so much has to be implied ‘right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. The 2 key docs are the Constitution and the Dec of Independence.

The real question is how did the govt get to the point that its running your life, your business and everything else? The common term is “mission creep”: Govt is in charge of digging ditches. Ditches carry water run off, so now we are in charge of building lakes, lakes need docks, docks need boats, so now the govt is a boat builder, boats have to be moved to lakes, so the govt becomes a trucking company, trucks need gas, so govt drills for oil and the beat goes one.

What has happened in the US is the govt has moved from “results” management to “process” management. As you do that the results become less and less important, because results are easy to see by all and process takes more and more people to manage. This why our govt has become so large.

You ever work for a boss that went nuts if you came in at 8:01, but had worked in the office till 9 pm getting the report out? I have. Or a boss that asks for a draft report on the status of manufacturing to be presented in 3 mo at the annual meeting. You spend all day writing up a draft, leave it on his desk and it comes back a week later and NOT a SINGLE comment on what you wrote other than he circled in red 4 misspelled words. After 5 iterations of this and the ONLY contribution was comma placement and paragraph indent, and everywhere you wrote Happy, he changed to Glad, and where you had Glad, he changed to Happy! That is process, I have worked for bosses exactly like this. They only care about the process and that I came to work at 8, not 8:01.

Show me a person whose focus is on process and I will show you a liberal…process is CONTROL and if you look at the liberal agenda is all about control of your life, business and everything else…


Covered, but not mentioned. it’s an Unumerated right.

As I said, Hamilton didn’t want a bill of rights, in fear that any rights that weren’t mentioned, wouldn’t be acknowledged.

Agreed, I’ve noted as much in the past:

Governmental officials have plenty on their plate without getting into industry minutia. As such, most of the time, they shouldn’t be regulating practices, just results, and asking industry to meet a desired result any way it can. Let the industry uncover best practices & aggregate them. Let them be the ones to decide how to best approach an emmission or safety standard, and then hold them accountable if you can show they aren’t doing it.

Our regulatory statutes would be far smaller & effective, if we did just that much.


Actually, the 9th Amendment covers it, although there’s room to debate its effectiveness.


Look above:


The reason we keep losing our Rights is because we surrender them to a corrupt Judicial systems opinion, “Rights endowed by our Creator” are not subject to man’s opinions; once we accept the false premise that “Tyrants in Black Robes” are who gets to decide what Rights we get to have we have surrendered all of them.

Win or lose we lose, if we win the case we have still accepted that our Rights our given by men and if we lose and honor the Courts decision we lose the same.

The only way to win is to embrace our Rights and ignore the criminals who want to take them, as long as their only recourse is to arrest us all and charge us in courts where we refuse to offer any defense or credibility to their thugs they will run out of cash and credibility pretty fast.

Decorate cakes in ways that do not offend your Faith and toss all correspondence from any “court” that challenges you straight into the garbage can; thats is how Free Men remain free.