Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87

In case you start wondering why I haven’t made a comment on this … it’s because I can’t think of any words that children and ladies should be able to read!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, the court announced.

How about Good Riddance.

Oh man, Mitch McConnell’s greatest act in his life would be if he fast-tracked a Trump appointee before the election.

By the way, the timing of this announcement is rather odd.

The Left is going to go Ape Shit and cheat like we have never seen before


This woman went to foreign countries and said that the U.S. constitution is obsolete. I can’t grieve for her because she did not believe in the fundamental values of this country. She should have resigned years ago. She was a Supreme Court politician.

Having said that, there is no way in hell that Trump will be able to nominate and get a new person on the court before January 20, 2021.


McConnell could do it but he would be going out in a blaze of glory.

Suspend the filibuster and call a floor vote after one week of hearings only.

Trump put out his list on the 9th, amazing timing ???

The comments under the Breitbart article are heeeelarious


The Turtle is going to do it

Look at the last three paragraphs of his statement

With Ginsburg’s seat vacant, that leaves:

  • 4 “known conservative” votes
  • 1 “swing vote” (Roberts)
  • 3 leftist votes.

Roberts is likely to lean towards the Constitutional position, along with the other conservatives.

Now an 8-member Supreme Court has actually become MORE conservative than it was yesterday.

Yes, plus McConnel will confirm another Trump appointee.

McConnell: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ‘will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate’

“President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.”

Collins, Murkowski and Romney will vote again Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, if he proposes one. There may be may be other RINOs who will join them.

I can sympathize with Collins because she is trying to hold on to a seat in the “regressive” Northeast. The other two have no excuses. I hope that Murkowski retires or is knocked out in the primaries when her term is up. She is useless and disgusting.

Many senators have already said they would decline to vote or participate in hearings. They are fighting for their own elections. If you want Trump to make the next nomination, vote Trump.

To be consistent, we should back off and wait until after the election. That policy worked when we blocked Obama’s nominee. This is one incentive to win the presidential election and hold the Senate.

He has already proposed one, and that will be the end of Romney in conservative Utah if he does.

I can’t. She is a POS.

She needs to leave.

On that we agree.

Then they do not belong there if they are to scared to fulfill their duties.

He’s going to make the nomination within less than two weeks.

If you knock out Collins, a person, who supports everything you despise, will replace her. Half a loaf is better than nothing. Half a loaf is all you can hope for in Democrat territory. The voters there think they are “well educated, progressive and sophisticated.” Their teachers and college have programmed them.

Yes, that has been the excuse for tolerating her traitorous bullshit. I am willing t take the chance.

Not when they constantly let you down a crucial moments.

She voted for Gorsuch. I would guarantee you that Collins’ opponent would not have done that ever. She would have mouthed Christine “Ballsey” Ford’s bovine droppings .

Like I said said half a loaf is better than none. Bill Buckley said that, and it was good political advice.

Big whoop. I can tick off a list of her bad votes that have substantially hurt this nation. They were not worth one good vote here and there.

No Unilateral Disarmament: Senate Republicans Must Replace RBG Before Nov. 3rd Election


In the wake of the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away, Democrats and their allies in the press are already bringing massive pressure on Republicans to refuse to nominate a replacement until after inauguration day.

Some Republicans are succumbing to this pressure, at least initially.

Senator Murkowski must reverse course and Republicans must ignore these demands. If any Republican senators try to break ranks and join with Democrats, they should be expelled from the party permanently. Moments like this are the reason political parties exist. If the Republican Party fails its voters at this critical juncture, then it is dead as a party. All their promises to secure an originalist Supreme Court and resist the overreach of the left will be exposed as hollow, cynical deceptions by a party psychologically beholden to its enemies.

SEN. TED CRUZ: “I believe the president should next week nominate a successor to the court and I think it is critical the Senate takes up and confirms that successor before election day.”


The McConnell rule was previously known as the Biden rule, and lets describe it accurately.
It is, No confirmations in a presidential election year when senate and presidency are held by different parties.

It doesn’t apply this year.

There is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY here that I haven’t seen anyone mention.

It’s widely recognized that the Democrats made extreme asses of themselves in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. If we wait until after the election, they’ll do the same thing and even worse, if that’s possible.

But with the election just around the corner and in progress even now, they may realize their antics 1) won’t work, and 2) will offend some swing voters.

So I predict they’ll actually attenuate the storm of lies they would otherwise rain down on the nominee. There may even be a Democrat or two in red-ish states that votes to approve.


Thats a mighty bold prediction. I like your thinking.

On a separate note: This may also be fuel for the lazy leftist voters un-excited about Biden to get un-lazy now and excited now.

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