Does anyone you know actually WATCH Wolf Kabitzer or any of the other liberal BOZOs on CNN? I delight in sitting with my back to this crew and their double dealing, Trump baiting fake news spots when I am around places that show that stuff.


not me. I refuse to watch that network.


They play CNN at work on the 80" TV on the wall…


Not at all familiar with him. I haven’t seen CNN since '89.


He’s talking about this guy:


Which explains some things for us, CSB. With CNNs fake news ringing in your ears daily, it’s no wonder you’ve absorbed much of it into your own psyche.


Can you turn it off?

What would your coworkers do if you did?


Nothing, the bigger question is what would they do if I put on Fox…

I work on Loudoun County VA. The county with the highest average salary in the nation. Northern VA is fairly liberal area, there are a lot of very wealthy Republicans.


WHY do you think Loudoun Co. has “the highest average salary in the nation?” I’ll answer FOR you. Washington, D.C. and the establishment types (right and left) who’ve controlled it for decades.


No, that’s not why. I work there and I can tell you it’s mostly in technology. Loudoun County is the “Silicon Valley” of the east.

Few facts:

  • Data centers occupy more than 9 million square feet in the county

  • The State of Virginia has the #2 highest concentration of technology workers in the nation according to Cyberstates 2015.

  • Up to 70% of the world’s internet traffic passes through Loudoun County on a daily basis

  • Information and communications technology is the largest industry cluster in Loudoun County, which employs 23,000 people and represents 15% of Loudoun’s private employment.

No, no, wiat, it’s Washington DC types…lol


I should note, to be accurate, Loudoun has the highest median household income, it’s 19th in per-capita income. Lots of wives stay home I guess.


And on that happy note…The BatonRouge Bombshell and I had subs at a local subshop with 8 t.v.s and a loud Serious FM on the 1980"‘s channel blaring mercifully away…otherwise you could hear CNN. And to what to my wandering eye’s appear? The CNNscreen crawler said (and I kid you not) “Is the demise of Donald Trump exagerated?” I almost choked on my Philly Steak! So I had a clear example of FAKE NEWS right in front of me! Four Bozos were,one assumes, discussing poor old Unca’ Donald’s failing health, wealth or popularity…possibly all three. Then the screen crawler says “Does the STORMY DANIELS AFFAIR matter?” Oh, my aching sides! Obviously this is some bright new comedy or farce! This was confirmed when the “alleged moderator” jawed for a while (remember …I couldn’t hear him…and the Left says there is no GOD!) But I digress…the next punchline was “How does this effect midterm elections?” Stop! Have mercy! How can a man eat and giggle hysterically at the same time???