Kaine Blasts Trump for Inciting Violence: 'I'd Like to Punch the Guy in the Face'


(CNSNews.com) - While criticizing Donald Trump for supposedly inciting violence against Hillary Clinton, Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine indulged in a violent fantasy of his own:

“You know, I’d like to punch the guy in the face,” Kaine said of Trump. “He is using language that is an incitement to violence or an encouragement of violence or at least being kind of cavalier and reckless about violence, and that has no place in any election…”

Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” had just asked Kaine about Trump’s comment on Friday night when Trump said he thinks Clinton’s bodyguards “should disarm. Take their guns away. She doesn’t want guns. Take their – let’s see what happens to her.”

Wallace asked Kaine, “Senator, do you believe that Donald Trump in any way was inciting an act of violence against Clinton?”

Kaine Blasts Trump for Inciting Violence: ‘I’d Like to Punch the Guy in the Face’


I sure see the logic of what Trump said IF he said it. It seems to me that a lot of the anti gun people make a couple of assumptions. The first is that they are so important that they are a special target & they must be protected. Ok, I get that one. The second is that “normal” people have no need for protection & shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun because it’s dangerous. That one I really don’t get because there’s a heck of a lot more “normal” people being attacked daily than there are “special” people being attacked in 10 years. To me that comes across as I have a right to life & you don’t.
Honestly I’ve never really understood the left on the “life” question. Unborn babies don’t matter & they can be killed anytime. Once they are born they must be protected at all costs even to the point of being taken away from their parents for a “perceived” danger that not everyone would agree with. Then once they are grown they shouldn’t have the right to protect themselves. Those stances don’t seem logical to me.


This is SOP thinking for the far left. For those of you who did not live thru the 60’s and go thru ROTC you cannot imagine the violence used in protests against the war in Vietnam. Protesting violence with violence. Stop the killing or I will kill you mentality.



The mayors of London and Paris have summed up the liberal position on public safety. The Middle Eastern refugees are here and some of them are going to commit acts of terror. GET OVER IT!

In the mean time they will have armed guards around them while they advocate that the rest of us must disarm. When Trump pointed out the hypocrisy of this position, the lame stream propaganda machine said that he was “Threatening Hillary Clinton.” Only a brain dead “progressive” would have that interpretation


This what the Libs want, the elite and politicos will all have guns and be surrounded by guns, but the masses will have no way to defend themselves.

They MUST keep the masses feeling unsafe, as long as they do, then they will look to the govt to protect them. The masses become VICTIMS and when you become a victim you can be controlled.