Kamala Harris' Laughing Off Border Crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday snapped at an interviewer when he pressed her on why she hasn’t visited the southern border in the 76 days since President Biden put her in charge of the record-smashing illegal immigration crisis — snarking that she hasn’t “been to Europe,” either.

“At some point, you know, we are going to the border,” a defensive Harris told NBC anchor Lester Holt on “Today” in Guatemala on her first international trip since taking office — 1,308 miles away from the southern U.S.-Mexico crossing.

“We’ve been to the border. So this whole thing about the border, we’ve been to the border,” Harris said, to which Holt replied, “You haven’t been to the border.”

Harris, seeming to laugh at her own joke, responded: “And I haven’t been to Europe. And I mean, I don’t understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”

I can’t remember who said it (it might have been Huckabee or Pompeo), but someone said “she’s never been to Australia either, but we don’t have an Australian border crisis. We don’t have a border crisis in Europe.” Harris’ dodge was pathetic.

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Kamala Harris is showing why Democrat presidential primary voters rejected her so quickly in the 2020 race. She is a lot less than what some people might call “light weight.”

I describe her as “The far left California socialite who happens to be Vice President.”

That sad fact is we have a puppet president, with dementia, who does the bidding of far left, and a Vice President who checks all the right boxes, except one, competence. She is “a person of color” and female, but beyond that she has no qualifications for the job.

As for the border mess, the far left Democrats are doing exactly what they had planned. They are pulling in over 100,000 illegals a week and dispersing them though out the country. If they get their “voting reform” bill passed, many of them will vote in 2022 and beyond because they won’t need IDs or registration. The fact that the Democrats gave them “Biden for President” flags and t-shirts when they came here tells it all.

Genuine question about the border visit thing, why does it matter? It’s seemed insane that the media has been pushing this “why haven’t you visited the border?” thing. Nothing happens at the border when elected officials visit, it’s purely a photo-op. It’s not like she meets the president of Mexico at some random building on the border to negotiate.

Here is the reason why neither Biden nor Harris has gone to the border. If either of them went down there, they would take the news media with them. Then there would be cameras running, and the truth would be obvious to those who get their from the main stream media. The border is a stinking mess that is totally out of control. The lie would be revealed to more people.

The way it is now, the head of border security can say to the press, “The border is closed,” and they will report that even though even they are not dumb enough to believe it. Those who watch their news casts are dumb enough accept what they are fed.

Why do they need to go to expose that? Does it magically only become a mess when they show up? By all means, go film it yourself, no Biden/Harris required.

Because it would make the administration look bad, which is something you and your comrades to need to avoid at all costs. According to the polls, the way Biden is handling immigration is his only problem.

That crack-sided grin of his seems to appeal to the sheep. Little do the sheep know that the wolf is propping up the grin.

Go film it myself? People from Biden administration have blocked Senators and Congressmen from taking pictures. Besides, the pictures have already been taken and shown on the honest news outlets. It’s only the outlets that comrades and sheep watch that have avoided the issue.

  1. If it is “open” as you say, people must be pouring in somewhere within the U.S. film that spot. Maybe like 10 miles inland of the border.

  2. The border is nearly 2000 miles long. If a film crew can’t find a good spot along that stretch, it sounds like it might be more contained than you’re giving it credit for.

There have been plenty of good spots and plenty of chase scenes recorded where the illegals were crossing. The main thing the Biden administration wants to cover up is the kids in cages, kids in the plastic enclosures. and kids packed in like sardines.

The number of illegals coming into the country is at an all time high. We have no border, and these illegals are making the people who play by the rules, who obey the immigration laws, look like fools.

What the Democrats want is to change the composition of the U.S. population. They want millions of poor dependent people who will rely on government handouts and vote Democrat. That’s what this is all about. It has nothing to do humanity or humane treatment of other human beings. It is a pure power grab.

The top 10 states most dependent on federal welfare (with the sole exception being New Mexico) in the US are Republican run states. Kinda blows your asinine conspiracy theory out of the water.

How do you reconcile people entering en masse and having “no border” with people being “packed in like sardines” in border holding centers? I’m not saying either is true or not, just that they seem to contradict each other. Does the dissonance there not strike you?

The way I see it you’ve got 2 options:

  1. The borders are open and therefore detention centers are emptying. Bad on Biden for letting people in

  2. The border is not open and a flood of are being kept in migrant detention centers at the border in inhumane conditions, continuing the policies of our last 2 presidents. Bad on Biden again for keeping up inhumane practices and breaking campaign promises.

So, which is it?

Biden captures them for a while, and then he ships them to another state, all at Federal Government expense. They are supposed to vetted and given court dates to ask for asylum. A lot of them are kids who cross the border with no parents. Are you going to turn them out on the street alone?

In the old days, they didn’t show up for the court dates. Now Biden doesn’t even bother with the court dates. Why bother? We can’t even deport convicted criminal aliens. And we not talking about minor stuff. This includes murder, robbery and molesting children.

But, hey, some day they might all be Democrat voters and that’s what matters. Nothing else does.

There is no mystery as to why crime is picking up in the major cities. Between releasing violent offenders from prison, George Soros sponsored district attorneys who won’t prosecute offenders, no bail laws, an influx of illegals with no skills who can’t speak the language, defunding the police and a general disrespect for the law, the situation will only get worse.

The Democrats are in a race to see if they can get their dictatorship in place with elections turned into shames, before the crime issue sends many of them packing. They have another year and a half to get their “corrupt politician and institutionalized voter fraud bill” passed, otherwise known as Senate and House Bill #1.

? It’s not dissonant, they cross the border, then turn themselves into a guard somewhere to start the amnesty process.

This is what we’re measuring, when the Southwest border crossing go up:

And it did go up, that spike doesn’t lie.

So Gene, there are plenty of good reasons to want immigration reform. There are plenty of reasons to reject the contention that illegals just wind up on welfare. I’ve made both of those cases.

But no, your “options” have missed the point here.

Conservatives want a photo op at the border facilities, because what’s happening in them is the same thing that was going on under Trump + worse, because of the spike in traffic.

The “interment camps” did not go away, the chain linked fences separating kids did not go away, and the Biden Administration has reopened facilities to contend with the surge.

The logic for the photo-op goes that if the politicians-at-be were to go and visit these facilities, as much as they might try to hide the overflow, the truth would still sneak out.

And then liberals would have to contend with their own dissonance, where they said in 2019/2020 this was a crisis, a travesty of human rights, yet in 2021 they don’t seem to care.

The only defense of this I seen is “Well, Trump also separated families”.

k. So after that policy ended in 2018, why were they still called internment camps in America?
And why do they not matter anymore?

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That spike doesn’t say what you think it says. Starting in mid 2020, title 8 and 42 inadmissible and expulsions were expanded and definitions of them included in border patrol encounter statistics were broadened. This was to turn away anyone (including those attempting to enter lawfully) due to covid.

So, because the criteria expanded, you would expect a large rise in “encounters”

It’s not an apples to apples comparison to look at the “spike” compared to previous years.

It sucked then and sucks now. On Twitter I’m a vocal critic of Biden (and he’s done a lot I’m not happy with lately)

I think the difference I’ve noticed is that older establishment democrats do hypocritically toe the party line as you say, but younger more liberal people are willing to recognize that the lesser of 2 evils is still evil. I know literally nobody around my age (in my late 20s) that was happy Biden was the nominee.

Except it does: 2020 is the red line there at the bottom of the graph.

2021 , the blue line, is the spike, starting in February. That timing is too perfect.

Sorry man, your explanation doesn’t get to why we got a spike more than 8 months after this policy change kicked in.

1 She dismisses it as a grand gesture, but as it is, she appears not to give a crap. Which to the administration is the lesser evil than admitting that there’s a crisis (last I heard, they still hadn’t). I can’t find it, but I heard on the radio where she said something to the effect that in order to deal with a situation, you have to go there. She hasn’t.

2 If she goes there, then the MSM that have been covering for the administration would be cornered into admitting that they’re lying through their teeth and there’s a logistical, legal, and moral train wreck down there.

3 They’re not being stopped at the border, but after they cross. ICE hands have been tied.

I looked at your link, and it’s not as clear-cut as you’re making it sound. For one thing, if you look at the bottom of the dependency chart, there’s a lot of red there, too. Their methodology, in spite of the paragraph addressing it, isn’t that clear, and how they define R vs. D “leadership” is unclear. For example, my own PA is listed as “blue” (no doubt because of our far-left governor), but our state legislature is distinctly red. Another factor is that it appears (so near as I can tell from what they said) that states with a high percentage of Federal employees (including military) are counted as more dependent. Which emphasizes the fact that the chart doesn’t list what SendGOP was talking about, which is private citizens dependent upon government handouts.

Absolutely. There is no accurate way to determine “red” and “blue” states as everyone places their goalposts in an arrangement that suits their argument. And when one breaks down political arguments into a binary them and us mentality, some sweeping generalizations have to be made. Which is why I treated Sendgop’s assertion that “Democrats are allowing migrants to flood from to border to get welfare solely for votes” with ridicule. Despite Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression, Democrats have received the majority of votes in pretty much every state and federal election for decades - they don’t need to resort to such a convoluted and easily disproven tactic.

Welfare is a handout from the government in any form. Like I said before; if you pick and choose your goalposts, you can make any argument. I just view the “illegal immigrants decide the outcome of US elections” to be a reasonable has “Hugo Chavez stole the 2020 election for Biden”. If there was a shred of credibility behind this, someone would have raised it in the courts by now.

Because covid was happening. Nobody was moving anywhere in 2020. Now that the dust is starting to settle people are trying again (trying legally, which now counts in those stats).

While we’re at it, explain the pre-policy change spike in 2019. That was probably the worst year on the list given the change.

It happened in February, because that’s shortly after the administration changed hands. People thought they would garner more sympathy under the new rules they knew were coming.

And with the added surge, we needed more space to hold them. That’s why the closed facilities were re-opened.

It’s that simple.

Easy, a previous policy change then underway where Trump was taking away asylum avenues, or forcing people to stay in Mexico. People were left with the impression “it’s now or never”, and took their chances.

Now, it’s about people who were sidelined in Mexico back in 2019 being allowed entry by the new administration, and trying to reunite with family members already here.

Nope, this year was worse. As reported by the human rights groups helping said people, and Biden’s own HS Secretary.

Sorry Gene, but I’m drawing the line here.

It doesn’t look to me you knew even cursory information about the event, all of your replies look like knee-jerks.

You… think Democrats haven’t done gerrymandering?

Hope you’re not serious.

? That’s not what your study was measuring; it was any Federal spending in the State. Which means military and Federal Government agency project and employees were included, and they openly admit that, weighing in the 3rd paragraph the Public Employee % of the first two states.

Alaska is not a surprise to see on that list, when over 60% of land is controlled and owned by the Feds, and the Military being a bigger % of the population there than anywhere else.

North Dakota would also see a disproportionate impact, considering its large Indian Reserves vs it’s small population. Alabama and Mississippi are relatively poor states with NASA Centers.

I’m not for large amounts of Federal spending in any form, and I don’t buy that immigrants instantly become dependents. So I feel you bringing that study up is fair game Pat.

But if we’re going to talk goal posts, then be accurate about the ones you’ve posted.