Kamala Harris' Laughing Off Border Crisis

Ha, that’s a kind way to put it. I’ll try harder.

But I will still disagree on the 2019 spike. The article you linked mentioned Trump introducing policies cracking down in response to the spike, not causing it. The remain in Mexico policy is explicitly mentioned in your article as a response to the spike.

I read up on some immigration policy analyst theories on the 2019 spike and consistently came up with a couple key points. Conditions (political, economic, environmental) in South America, Mexico easing the immigration process for migrants to stay legally in Mexico, and Trump’s rescinding of the family separation policy.

Absolutely not. As there is very little legislation against gerrymandering, it’s commonplace for all levels of US Government from all ideologies. Republicans do it significantly more often than Democrats. Those two statements are not mutually exclusive.

Good point. I believe you’re right. My argument has quite a few flaws in it.