Kasich leads in winner-take-all Ohio


Really Ohio? When Kasich signed Ohio up for Obamacare he said ““Now, when you die and get to the meeting with Saint Peter, he’s probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small, but he is going to ask you what you did for the poor. You better have a good answer.” What does that say about the majority of Republican Governors who stood firm and said no to Obamacare? Does Kasich think they are all going to hell?

Ohio, vote to make America Great Again! Vote Trump! He is the only one polling close enough to beat Kasich in this state where winner gets all the delegates.


Because Trump will surely be for small government, right? After all those years of donating to the Democratic Party and being a part of that party from 2001–2009. The man is not for any values; he only supports the notion of himself being president by any means necessary.


Other than Ohio, Trump will run the table tomorrow. Several factors to consider:

  1. 2 out of 3 polls conducted since last weeks “debate” show a tie, only one shows Kasich ahead.

  2. Will Rubio supporters (all 2 or 3 percent of them) heed Marco’s advice and vote for Kasich in Ohio?

  3. Enthusiasm factor AKA turnout. I think Trump has the advantage here.



Not quite true. There have been 4 polls in the last week, two with a tie and two with Kasich up +5 and +6. 538 has him as 87% likely to win.



The poll you refer to with Kasich up 6% (NBC/WSJ) was taken with 6 of its 7 days before the last debate. Read my post again.

It is basically a dead heat, the violence in Chicago and attempted attack on Trump in Ohio will only add to the determination of Trump voters. Anything can happen but I would put my money on Trump.


I’m referring to this one which was taken after the debate. Mar 12–13, Kasich +6.


I was not aware of this poll. I had been looking at these: RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - Ohio Republican Presidential Primary


The only “polls” that make the least difference are those taken in the voting booths tomorrow. I expect Trump to win almost all of those that are taken in OPEN primary States as the left floods them hoping to insure a Trump candidacy. As we’ve already seen, he doesn’t do all that well in CLOSED primary States where ONLY Republicans are permitted to cast ballots. I don’t believe that Trump’s “popularity” is ANYTHING close to what “polls” are showing it to be among Republican voters. Yes, there are many who have been snowed big-time by his meaningless rhetoric, but certainly not all of us.


Definitely rooting for Kasich so that Trump is denied those 66 delegates.


The question is this.

Will all of the Democrats voting in the Republican primaries that are voting for Trump actually vote for him in the general election?


Kasich will probably win Ohio. I’m not sure how much that changes the math. Is Kasich viable outside of Ohio? This will be his first win, and half the states have already voted. Kasich needs to start winning, and winning now. We’ll see what happens after Rubio drops out tomorrow. Maybe he does better than I expect.


If Kasich wins and Rubio loses, Marco has zero reasons and zero money to stay in the race. Kasich will be drowned in establishment money. Cruz has no path to a first ballot victory and the RNC will never allow him (or Trump) to win on subsequent ballots. Kasich will desperately need eight primary victories to even have his name put in nomination. Otherwise the RNC will have to have an embarrassing meeting before the convention to change the rules. Their plans will be obvious to anyone with half a brain at that point. At that point Cruz can choose to stay in the race and lose to Kasich or get out and lose to Trump.

Rush was playing some sound bites this morning from the Showtime documentary “The Circus” of several long time GOP consultants and media gurus. They haven’t the slightest clue as to what is going on with the voters and openly discussed the possibility of supporting Hillary. Some of these clips are currently on Breitbart:


If any of you Cruz supporters are secretly rooting for Kasich to win Ohio and slow Trump down just remember that in November when you will be staring at a choice of Hillary or Kasich (or some other GOP sock puppet back from the grave). Kinda of warm and fuzzy, right?


The GOP’s strategy seems to just be to deny Trump a win during the first round of voting at the convention and guarantee a floor fight. I don’t think they want anyone to drop out at the moment.


Rubio’s big donors have already told him that they are gone if he doesn’t win Florida. These campaigns don’t last long without money.


I do not think Trump will “run the table” except for Ohio.

Kasich should win Ohio handily. That he will not win his home state by a wide margin indicates what a poor candidate he is.

Marco Rubio won’t win squat.

Trump will win Florida handily and it is likely he and Cruz will more or less split delegates tonight in the technically proportional states. I say technically proportional because one has to be both a PhD in math and a mental contortionist to figure out the formula a couple of these states use to apportion delegates.

The race is between Trump and Cruz - with a disastrous convention in Cleveland all but assured - unless, somehow Trump takes Ohio. Exit polling seems to indicate Kasich will hold his home turf.


As a Cruz supporter, I root for Cruz to win as many states as possible. Why would I root for Kasich?


AP is calling Ohio for Kasich. Trump won Florida.

EDIT: According to CBS, Rubio is suspending his campaign.


Where things will be interesting is Illinois, Missouri, and NC. They aren’t as “proportional” as the media keeps saying. They’re basically “winner take all by congressional district” which is pretty important. Cruz is looking like he’ll split a lot of them with Trump in NC and Missouri, but Illinois is looking like Trump is going to sweep up a majority of delegates.


Rubio is out and Kasich will stay in long enough to make sure Trump gets to 1237, Like the Huckster in 2000 did for McCain. If The GOP was serious about stopping Trump they would apply pressure to Kasich to get out, they know that the gamble of a contested convention is a very big long shot with no upside.

I would bet that Kasich has a VP promise from Trump if he sticks around just as Carson sold his endorsement, Trump is already “Brokering” the nomination.


You may be correct, RET. But Kasich staying in the race will not necessarily give Trump the nomination - I think that could be a possibility, but not a forgone conclusion. We know for a fact Kasich can’t possibly get to 1237.

However, he might get to Cleveland with perhaps 250 to 300 delegates in his pocket. Just enough to play “king maker” in exchange for the VP spot on someone’s ticket. Kasich would have to eat a lot of crow for that someone to be Trump. Would Cruz be willing to throw in with Kasich - a “moderate” at best - in order to get the nomination? Probably. If this happens, what will Trump and his people do?

I think this is going to end up a real mess!!