Kasich's Medicaid Time Bomb in Ohio


For anyone who thinks John Kasich is NOT at the wrong debates,

The vote was an extraordinary — and possibly illegal, critics in Mr. Kasich’s own party said — end run by the governor around the General Assembly. Mr. Kasich, who initially declared himself an opponent of the Affordable Care Act and who has declined to set up a state online health insurance marketplace, has argued all year that his sense of Christian compassion, not to mention cool economic practicality, favored extending Medicaid to poor adults and those with disabilities who do not currently qualify.

**Pop quiz, class:

  1. Name what is usually the largest item on a state budget.

  2. Who’s the IDIOT who just voted to expand that item in the state of Ohio, and at the same time spent three debates lecturing the rest of us about balancing budgets?

**If the guy had a vagina, he could run as a Democrat. He’d have a shot. He’s got everything else going for him as a liberal.