Kate Smith has been banned! Who is next?


Iconic singer, Kate Smith, who is best known for her rendition of “God Bless America” has been banned by the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey team and the New York Yankees from their seventh inning stretch ceremony. Smith’s statue was covered up in Philadelphia and removed, just like the statues of Confederate soldiers.

Why? It seems that back in the 1930s she sang two songs that have been termed “racially offensive” by the left-wing thought police.

The songs in question are two of 3,000 pieces she recorded. One of them could be viewed a parity about slavery. Black activist and leftist, Paul Robson, sang it too. The piece spoke of slaves picking cotton and singing. Another, which she sang for Black children in an orphanage, used the word “pick-in-ninnies” and associated them with watermelons.

This is, of course, is one more attack on our culture more than anything else. Why would the left want God to bless America when they don’t approve of either concept? When one can pick out something that an entertainer recorded 80 years ago and use it as an excuse to ban all their work, it shows a new example of left-wing bigotry. It’s not too far removed from the Nazi book burnings of the 1930s.

So, what will be the next social icon to be banned. Perhaps we have seen the last of the classic holiday film “Holiday Inn.” There is a scene where Bing Crosby and his love interest appear in black face. Don’t think that won’t happen. The radical left hates Christmas and have done what they can to have it removed from American culture for many years.

Oops! I got my titles wrong. “White Christmas” was sort of re-make of “Holiday Inn” from 1954.


For what it’s worth, I agree with you. This march to sanitize society of anything that can be perceived as offensive has gone wayyyy to far.


Know what’s RACIST now? … Walking your dog (if you’re white, obviously).



Weird, I don’t feel racist. :thinking:

Maybe my dogs aren’t big enough?

Here’s a visual…


There are lots of example of people with extreme opinions that don’t represent the mainstream. I’m certain I can find some equally ridiculous opinions that I could tag the “right” with.

But yes, another ridiculous example of extreme thinking.


What if the dog is black? Does that count? I’m so confused…


“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”

Sneaky racists sneaking their message into everything!!!

Who knew! Bing Crosby is a racist too!


Sure, but on the left, they are driving the narrative, encouraged AND treated as worthy of serious consideration (instead of as the whack-a-do dodo birds they are) by “mainstream” left-wing politicos. So in practice, the entire party has gone whack-a-do dodo bird. It’s been trending that way for 30 years, at least (I wasn’t paying attention before that).


The “whack-do-dodo bird” are the tail that wags the dog in the modern Democrat Party. It’s worse now than I have ever seen it. There have been far left Democrats in Congress in the past, going back to the 1940s at least. Back then they viewed as extreme and didn’t get much press. Henry Wallace went off on a tangent in 1948, but he didn’t bring defeat to Harry Truman. Now they get ALL the press and pushing the whole party further and further left.

I wish that the more conservative Democrats, who are not as radical as they are, would push back, but they won’t. Instead the rank and file with go to polls and vote for the “whack-do-dodo bird” because they have voted Democrat for years. They really don’t know what the stakes are and will never realize what they are until they get bit in butt with poor government health care plans or a loss freedom. By then it will be too late.

I heard AOC say yesterday that the VA Hospital System didn’t need fixing. “My parents used to say don’t fix it if it don’t need fixing.” As usual she has been living under rock for the past few years. She has no idea what has been going on or prefers to push “the big lie about her single payer system.”


I would think NOT, Send! :wink:


Sorry, Infrequently get centuries wrong as an antique items collector, but you know I met.


Heh, it was good for a chuckle :joy:, no worries. My reply was meant in good humor, hope it was taken that way


A black dog on the leash of a white master? Racist, obviously! :rofl:

Yet she’s trying to “fix” (neuter) capitalism with socialism…


Yes, PETA will be joining the discussion soon. As our equals, a dog should never been on a leash. They should be allowed to run free and do whatever they want.


Yeah, but my point is that the dog is black! No justice, no peace! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or maybe, no justice, no leash…


Hmm… the circle on the right should be entirely within the circle on the left. And then it should have a smaller circle that is partly within the ‘dog walkers’ circle.

Better yet, the circle on the right should be labelled “People that walk their dogs”, with the current overlap retained. Then a third circle labelled ‘racists’ should overlap both of the other circles. Then we’d illustrate all combinations of white, dog-walkers, and racists, with the universal set being ‘people’. I suppose giving White People their own circle would be seen as racist, but you can’t illustrate more combinations with a two-dimensional Venn diagram. Not that the “anti-racists” would care, or could even understand, this.


Wasn’t this the lady who was primarily famous for being super fat before that was the median American?
She has to be over 80 years old, because I remember her being middle aged on old black and white game shows. It’s remarkable she’s still alive at that size.


you know…the Yankees discriminated against black baseball players. and also black fans. Shouldn’t they be banning themselves?


Yes, they were late to the game with Elston Howard, an outstanding player.