Kathy Griffin wants Donald Trump’s head … but she wants it bloody and detached from his body.
The comedian posed for the gory shot during a photo session with famed photog Tyler Shields, who’s known for edgy, shocking pics. We got the pic before the release.
During the photo shoot, Kathy joked that she and Tyler would need to move to Mexico once the pics got released, for fear they’d be thrown in prison.
Trump’s critics have skewered him for inciting violence with his speech. Did Kathy do the same?

Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Shocking Photo Shoot | TMZ.com





Now for some history …

2 arrested for hanging Obama effigy on Ky. campus

> A University of Kentucky student and another man were arrested Thursday, accused of hanging a life-sized likeness of Barack Obama from a tree on the campus.
> The incident was one of several in recent weeks involving effigies of the presidential candidates or their running mates. No charges have been filed in four other cases that have made national headlines.
> UK Interim Police Chief Joe Monroe said the men “expressed remorse for a stunt that had gotten out of hand.”
> Arrested were Joe Fischer, 22, a UK student, and Hunter Bush, 21, both of Lexington. Both were being held at Fayette County Detention Center on charges of disorderly conduct related to the hanging of the effigy. They were also charged with burglary and theft at a fraternity house where police said the materials came from.

RealClearPolitics - US News - Oct 30, 2008 - 2 arrested for hanging Obama effigy on Ky. campus


Kathy Griffin in and of herself is vile and wrong consistently. This hasn’t been the first time. It’s what she is and what she does.


A woman with REAL class, CNN just cut her lose from her appearances and her (since 2007) New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper.

"The duo has been co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live since 2007. Livewire Griffin has proven to be the perfect foil to straight-laced Cooper, though the former’s unfiltered sense of humor has gotten her into trouble at times. While discussing the Balloon Boy hoax in 2009, for example, Griffin said, “Wait…Falcon? F–kin’? Falcon? How do you say it?” Cooper muttered, “You’re terrible,” and moved to the next topic.
PHOTOS: Past New Year’s Eve celebrations
Griffin later joked about having a “lesbian three-way with Susan Boyle and Oprah [Winfrey].” Cooper also appeared mortified when Griffin crudely complimented his looks. “How do you not just stare in the mirror all day and pleasure yourself because you’re so gorgeous?” she asked.

In 2011, Griffin kissed Cooper on the lips—much to his chagrin—and joked about watching his “balls drop” at midnight. She managed to outdo herself the following year, however, when she simulated giving Cooper oral sex. She defended the bit the next day on The Late Show With David Letterman."

Anderson Cooper Tweets Topless Picture of Kathy Griffin, Jokes It Might Be Her New Year’s Eve Outfit | E! News


I’ll be brief.

I’m 73 years of age, been all over the world, witnessed life and death up close and personal and have a relatively decent education - both formal and informal. Many on this site can say the same.

That said, I am often amazed at how it comes to pass that a nation that offers its people so much opportunity can sometimes produce people with so little self awareness, so little self control, so little sense and so little class.

With respect to Kathy Griffin and her latest attempt at relevancy I am reminded of a comment one of my mentors at Stanford made to me half a century ago as we met in his office to discuss the potential holistic interplay/impact between ones physical condition and mental condition. As we talked he noted that not every inexplicable/bizarre act signals mental illness, HOWEVER - he went on to note that sometimes a singular act can be so bizarre that psychiatric intervention should be considered as part of a total complex of treatments.

As far as I know Griffin is not suffering a physical infirmity, however the nature of her thought process, a thought process which led her to think it appropriate, even desirable on some level, to depict a bloodied beheaded Trump “ISIS Style” is so singularly bizarre and utterly deplorable that an underlying mental disturbance seems apparent.

In short and in the vernacular, well adjusted individuals exhibiting normative behavior don’t pull this kind of Shiite!!


Mike, I think what we have going on is a classic case of ‘one up man ship’ with all and I do mean all the spinning heads at the mainstream media trying to put down Trump higher or lower, harder and more than their brethren. I have a hard time believing that she came up with this totally on her own…no doubt in some drunken or high confab in which was predicated with ‘here hold my beer, watch this’ and they all laughed like hyena’s over it and she did it thinking she would be the toast of the media.

I used to watch her on TV and she looks much different (physically) then she did some time ago, she has the now gaunt face and look of needing to get off the hard drugs…maybe her loss of income will help her out…


It’s called LIBERALISM…which has ALWAYS been a severe mental disorder!



Political cartoonist posts new Kathy Griffin image, and it instantly went viral!


The old gal has really pooped in her messkit. Franken has disinvited her from his gig…originally he was somewhat supportive but his constituents didn’t find it funny. Gigs are being cancelled right and left. This presser today has not done her any good…if anything…its hurt her more.

Do you remember a number of years ago she was doing the NYE thing with Anderson pooper? and she went down to her knees as if she was going to give him a …you know what i’m talking about.

THEN after the election…December 2016, she called the president a pos and said she was going to go after Barron. Very. bad. Idea. No sympathy for this woman who thought she was going to be the darling of the left with that photo shoot. Typical lib…very short sighted, very short memory.


Sure she is strung out on drugs, she has the gaunt look.

When Owl Franken disinvites you then you know you are on the skids and at the bottom…


I am getting the impression that KG does not know when to shut up. From some of what I am reading it looks as though she is blaming her loss of gigs on Pres Trump and family instead of her own big dumb stunt and mouth.

link–Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump is 'messing with the wrong redhead’
Jayme Deerwester
USA Today
June 2 2017

> … and is under investigation by the United States Secret Service, which her criminal attorney, Dmitry Gorin, expects will be resolved in her favor.
I have a news flash for KG and her attorney - do or say anything that can be interpreted as a potential threat to the POTUS, I don’t care who or what political affiliation, and you have the Secret Service taking a look at you.


Just look at her face in the pic, looks worse than the head she is holding. Look how thin and gaunt she is, too much nose candy…


if you have the time to waste…here is her entry on wiki…this is a case study in one wrong decision after the other. nothing she has done has been lasting.


Kathy Griffin has been trying for the past 20+ years to “make it” as a comedienne. She started her pathetic climb on Seinfeld in which she was portrayed as a stand-up comedienne like Jerry. She was not funny. She was not entertaining. She was obnoxious and boring. She is still obnoxious and boring. I think she is trying to “up one” on Steven Colbert. As Bobjam puts it, he’s a real nutbird! He says he’s a practicing Catholic, but is an “ordained” minister in the “Universal Life Church Monastery”, which is not Catholic. I mean, pick Steve!!! You can’t have both!


I saw some of this on Yahoo this morning, and heard her crocodile tears on the radio yesterday. And the reason we should take her seriously is… what?..


'Cause she claims to be a victim of the Trumps rather than her mouth running out of control. So sad :crybaby:, perhaps I’ll feel sorry for her when Death Valley next freezes over.