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Glad to see that republicans and democrats can come together on the important things

Washington (CNN) – Say goodbye to one of the greatest irritants of modern life: television commercials that are MUCH LOUDER THAN THE SHOW YOU ARE WATCHING!
Beginning Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission is barring broadcasters and pay TV providers from airing excessively loud commercials, saying ads must maintain the “same average volume” as the programs they accompany.

Loud commercials have been a leading source of complaints to the FCC since its consumer call center began reporting top complaints in 2002.

Since January 2008, the FCC has received about 1,000 complaints and about 5,000 inquiries, the commission said.

The CALM Act bill had wide bipartisan support, passing the Senate unanimously and the House by a voice vote.

RIP excessively loud TV commercials -


Some TVs now have a setting to stop extra loud commercials. I have also noted that I have seen shows in the past where the show itself was fuzzy but when the commercial came on it was sharp and clear.


Thanks, federal government people. You are my hero, saving us from the big bad advertisers!

/end sarcasm


While it is annoying to have louder advertisements, I agree with RWNJ that the government needs to butt out of regulating advertisers. The cost of advertising will probably increase (since the advertisers now have to deal with one more government regulation), consequently the cost of the product itself will likely rise. And advertising is a necessary evil or else your cable/satellite bill would go up, and regular networks would likely either go belly up or become cable networks.

A better solution for the consumer who doesn’t want to deal with the increased volume would be to have a TV like sam referenced in the first sentence of his post. It’s much like my Firefox browser and the ad blocker add on. Much better than the gummint trying to regulate ads on the Internet. Ad supported revenue makes all the “FREE stuff” possible on the Internet.

Not necessarily defending advertisers, but as I said, it’s a necessary evil. There are better ways to defeat annoying advertising than government intervention.


Or hit mute. That’s what I do.