Keeping logged in

I have to log in every time I get on RO now, and I didn’t used to. Furthermore, I don’t see anything that asks me if I want to keep logged in (and I hope I can stay on line long enough to get this posted!).

Just don’t log out. Well . . . maybe a cookie ends the session anyway.

Yes . . . I also log in everytime. But then, I log OUT everytime too.

In her case, she isn’t logging out (at least not voluntarily).

Then a cookie must be doing it.

It just started happening about a week ago. I had never had to sign on with the new format, and I can’t find out how to keep logged on. Bobjam, does it ever ask you if you want to stay logged in?

Somebody, HELP! It often takes an unreasonable time to sign on, and I am on time-limited dial-up internet. If I was able to keep signed on when I first came on (just picked up from the last time I was on the old format), there has to be some way to keep logged in. I looked all over my profile, and could find anything.

No help from the owner, who seems to have vanished, sound familiar?

Maybe have someone else take over the ownership to make it come alive again?