Keith doberman weighs in!


What’s all this about a Mr.Doberman or Older-man or some such speaking against the Republican Candidate for the presidency? He says he is showing his unhappiness in Mr.Trump by moving out of one of Mr.Trump’s hotels or some such. May I quote MARX (that’s Groucho, not Karl) and say “Begone, and may you never darken my towels again!” Cheese, tat guy probably was behind in rent,anyway! The only thing that I can say about Keith Ohberman is that “Thank God, he’s out of SPORTS!” I couldn’t STAND him on ESPN, What a whiner!
Still, I suppose if all the malcontents move out of their luxury villas and pent houses and so forth, Mr Trump may be down to a few billion dollars net worth! HAHAHA!
I love having a candidate that can’t be bought! Or if he could be, no body has enough moolah to do it!
And,while on the subject, I don’t see Mr Donald Trump afraid of ANYBODY! I mean, Putin would snicker at Hillary, and ISIS would proclaim SHARA LAW against her, and every hothead in east and west would LOVE to stare down a Clinton, but I don’t see Donald being a scare o anybody!
We can say to the world no-goods now, We’re voting **DONALD **[SIZE=2]so you better **[SIZE=4]DUCK!:Thud:



There is no such thing as “So rich they cannot be bought”, integrity cannot be obtained by a bank balance as many a lottery winner, sports star, successful actor and popular musician prove every day.


Soooo- Where in the world of politics are you going to find ‘integrity’? Where in the world of attorneys are you going to find ‘integrity’? Where in the world with corporate business are you going to find ‘integrity’?
Integrity is a lost art and behavior.----------------------isn’t that sad--------------------------- By the way, who, today, defines integrity?



The same ONE who has been ejected from liberal America!


Integrity is saying what you mean and doing what you say to the degree that you are able, you can have integrity without morality as the Left prove constantly; likewise you can say all the right things and never apply any effort to achieve them like the GOP does.