Kellyanne Conway is not leaving wiggle room regarding deportation of illegal aliens


SEE: Trump camp leaves wiggle room on deportation of illegal immigrants

***“Appearing Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Conway was pressed on whether Trump still supports the plan he put forward during the GOP primaries to have a “deportation force” carry out mass removals of people living in the United States illegally — a plan that was criticized for being expensive, inhumane and a major expansion of federal power.

“What [Trump] supports is to make sure that we enforce the law, that we are respectful of those Americans who are looking for well-paying jobs, and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country,” Conway said. “As the weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the United States.”***

The fact is, if we keep electing Establishment backed candidates like Hillary Clinton who have no intention to work to end and reverse Obama’s desire to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries ___a cancer which is infecting our country with deadly social, financial and political pathogens ___ American citizens will continue to be made into tax slaves to support the economic needs of these foreign invaders; will continue to see their schools deteriorate because of overpopulation which drains financial resources; will suffer a continuation of medical emergency rooms closing down because of bankruptcy due to free care given to illegal aliens; will continue to see a rise in communicable diseases brought in by illegal aliens; will continue to suffer the increase in crime associated with illegal aliens; and the list goes on and on!

But if we do elect a candidate who will work to institute specific measures that will actually encourage illegal entrants to leave on their own, then we can rid ourselves of a disease which if left untreated will surely destroy our country from within. Donald Trump seems to have such a plan. From the many things I have heard Trump say with regard to dealing will illegal aliens, it seems the following are some of the specifics dealing with this problem and would make it very uncomfortable for illegal entrants to remain in our country, which would actually encourage them to leave on their own and return in compliance with our laws. For example:

Reject and overrule Obama’s DREAMER CRAP.

Cut off taxpayer funded tuition benefits for illegal aliens.

Step up the prosecution of business owners who hire illegal entrants and pay them off the books and below the going wage in order to increase profits on the backs of illegal aliens which in turn drives down earned wages for American citizens

Deny illegal entrants any tax payer financed medical care (excepting in a life death situation);

Deny the children of illegal alien’s access to a State’s public school system and all public assistance programs, i.e., any privileges created by a state for its citizens;

Forbid state issued drivers licenses or other forms of identification to illegal entrants;

Direct the appropriate federal government agencies to identify aliens who have overstayed their visa and prioritized their expulsion from our country whenever their name comes up when applying for a driver’s license, stopped for a traffic infraction or other crime, etc.;

Enforce public housing laws which make it a crime for illegals to live in any public housing unit or section eight housing;

Evict section eight occupants and public housing occupants if caught harboring illegal aliens;

  • Make it a point to never allow a person who has entered our country illegally, or is here illegally and caught, to re-enter our country legally in the future __ giving existing illegals a two month period to leave our country on their own before implementing this rule.*
    And above all, start enforcing existing law**

These are all reasonable measures which I believe Donald Trump can implement to encourage illegal aliens to leave on their own and they spell out some of the specifics which Kellyanne Conway was probably referring to.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton who is a talking sock puppet for the Club for Growth and Chamber of Commerce has no intention to encourage illegals to leave on their own. Her plan is to legalize millions of illegal entrants and give them work permits, so they can continue to compete with American workers by working off the books, below the going wage, while avoiding paying taxes on their earned wages which in turn drives down earned wages for American citizens and increases profit margins for un-American corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.

But Clinton’s and the Democrat Party Leadership’s ultimate goal behind importing other country’s poverty stricken is they will be dependent upon government cheese to survive and will vote to keep the free cheese wagon coming their way.


If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent upon an Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration’s, welfare, food stamp, section 8 housing, college loan check, and now free Obama/Hillarycare along with FREE BACON, we can blackmail them for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep the remaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills ____ the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration’s Free Cheese Democracy, designed to establish a federal plantation which confiscates and then redistributes wealth that wage earners, business and investors have worked to create.


Here is the problem John:

They are already here and we cannot round them up because we don’t know who and where they are other than they are everywhere, because there is somewhere between 10 and 40 million of them. They fly below the radar.

What Trump should have said: Everything you wrote above + STOP ALL FUNDING to any city that is a Sanctuary city either declared or implied. He should have never even discussed deportation.

In fact (IMO) if we applied all of the above there will be a mass EXODUS of illegals from this country on their own. They are over here and living at taxpayers expense, stop that and they will leave and others will not come.


The part that is so very upsetting about this is that Trump got nominated based on his rhetoric that he was going to toss them all out. Those that voted for him could not see past his rhetoric and we are therefore stuck with this person that cannot win. Someone like Rubio or Walker could have actually beaten Hillary.


We agree, and I believe Kellyanne Conway will help Trump to articulate the specific steps mentioned above which will lead to a mass EXODUS of illegals from this country on their own.


And what is Hillary Clinton’s plan regarding importing the destitute populations of war torn Islamic countries into the United States to increase the number of government fed cheese eaters? See the following video to hear Hillary in her own words! CLICK HERE


I see no rational reason why we can’t identify those here illegally. Everyone born in the U.S. (and therefore a legal citizen) has a government-issued birth certificate (or knows where one can be found and produced.) Don’t have one and can’t produce one? Bye bye. I know, I know. This smacks of “Let me see your papers.”


Every time I go to the library I have to show my papers. What’s the big deal?



It’s not a big deal…for me at least. If you’re here, Hispanic or Asian and with very limited command of the English language, chances are fairly good that you’re an illegal. If you’re here legally, you’ll have a visa that says so, a “green card” or some other proof of your legal status. If you have none of these things–or obvious fakes–then you’re likely an illegal and deserve close examination, and probably deportation.


[quote=“Mike, post:3, topic:49372”]
The part that is so very upsetting about this is that Trump got nominated based on his rhetoric that he was going to toss them all out. Those that voted for him could not see past his rhetoric and we are therefore stuck with this person that cannot win. Someone like Rubio or Walker could have actually beaten Hillary.
[/quote]I see this cr@p all the time!

We have had the Walkers and Rubio’s run in the person of Mittens!

The Walker’s, the Rubio’s “and” the Romney’s would have been … as they always are … Steamrolled by the Democrats, Because they are either cowards, afraid of the media or as I suspect … agree with the democrats!

The “People” screamed, for years for someone to Fight Back against the media and Democrats … We get someone and people (like you) make exactly the same statements that the Media and Hillary supporters make!
“Trump can’t win”

Go to the DU or Huffpo where they all will boost your ego by agreeing with you!

I for one am sick of the cr@p!
I am sick of the loser mentality!


One more thing!

Which of the sixteen who couldn’t beat Trump could beat Hillary?

As always, the Logic to statements like that elude me!


Gary Johnson could beat the both of them, and all he’d need is one state. BP


Gary Johnson and his VP are basically liberal republicans masquerading as libertarians.

I don’t agree with all of the aspects of libertarianism, but definitely prefer real libertarians to open borders, globalist idiots who think marijuana legalization is the most important issue of the day!

I’d like to see him added to the debates.
He’s a life long pothead and it shows.


I can’t say for sure who would beat Hillary (especially when the fix is in), but the notion that because Trump won the primary he’s the best shot to beat Hillary doesn’t follow. It means that he successfully appealed to a plurality of Republican voters. It in no way automatically means that he could do as well in the general (for better or for worse).


Here is a civics lesson for you.

If the presidential election were to thrown into the House of Representatives, the top three finishers, would be the candidates from president. Those three would be Hillary, Trump and in your world, your precious Gary Johnson.

Ted Cruz would be nowhere to be seen. TED CRUZ CAN’T WIN. Do you understand that?

Each state gets one vote, regardless of size. Therefore little Delaware would be as powerful as great big California. Delaware’s one representative would have more power in his hands than the 50 some odd representatives from California, because his vote would be only one that would count for his state. Believe me, bribery and backroom deals would NOT be off the table.

It would all come down to how many states each of the parties controlled. The winner would need to get a majority of state votes that were cast.

If you want to see how this has worked in the past, check out the 1800 and 1824 presidential elections. In 1800 Alexander Hamilton saved the country from Aaron Burr by getting some Federalists to abstain from voting. Hamilton and Jefferson disliked each other intensely, but Hamilton had the good sense to put that aside. He put the good of the country ahead of his personal political beliefs.

In 1824 John Quincy Adams, who came in second in the election, won the presidency in the House because Henry Clay, who are finished fourth and was out of the money, went to bat for him. Clay was not a big Adams fan, but he was out to deep 6 Andrew Jackson’s presidential ambitions if he could. The Jackson supporters called this “The Corrupt Bargain.”


?.. Yeah, I don’t care, this was never about Cruz. This is a non-sequitur.

It would all come down to how many states each of the parties controlled. The winner would need to get a majority of state votes that were cast.

Yes, I’ve read the 12th amendment, I know how this works.

If it goes to the House, Trump will be the most likely winner. The only way Johnson wins, is if the Democrats take note of Hillary’s chances, and abandon her in droves to put Johnson in second place, so you have a runoff between him and Trump.

At that point, Democrats would surely support Johnson altogether, and he’d need only a few #NeverTrump Republicans to put him over the top. It’s not likely to happen, but it’s a possibility.

What is very much likely however, is this election heading to the House to begin with. That I want, regardless of who wins.


WHO do you want to president, Alaska Slim? Did you have a candidate, or do you just off on stirring the pot?


Of the 3 most probable choices I have? Johnson.

But I already told you my true aim; did you not pay attention?

De-legitimize the Federal System.
Rally support for an article V Convention.

Our system is broken, rather than continue to play into its hands with the red vs blue turf war, we should reform it. Change the landscape of incentives.


I don’t see the problem with the voter ID. You have to show ID for lot’s of stuff in the USA. Sometimes to buy beer. To write a check, police want to see it if they pull you over, etc.


You can’t do a lot of things in this country if you don’t have an ID, but in “the wonderful world of progressivism” you can commit voter fraud. That is one of “the rights” the Democrat Party heartily endorses.


So you are just a right wing anarchist. That’s good to know. It means that responding to you is usually going to be a waste of time. Political gremlins can’t bring much to the table.

BTW If Bill Weld were heading up the Liberterian ticket, I’d have more reason to consider them. He was a very good Massachusetts governor.


Knowing that either Trump or Clinton will be the next president ___ barring some extraordinary event ___ between Trump and Clinton who do you think would work to regulate immigration in a manner which promotes the general welfare of the United States and the best interests of American citizens?