Kerry pledges $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition forces


ROME – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged an additional $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition forces Thursday, including food and medical support directly to armed rebels for the first time but turning aside their demand for weapons.
Kerry, on his first foreign trip as America’s top diplomat, said that the extra assistance would help “the legitimate voice of the Syrian people,” who have been trying in vain for nearly two years to topple President Bashar Assad. Kerry said Assad had "long ago lost his legitimacy…and must be out of power."
The $60 million more than doubles the amount that the Obama administration has so far given to the political opposition in Syria, and, in a policy shift, some of the aid will be funneled directly to armed rebels for the first time.

Kerry pledges $60 million in aid to Syrian opposition forces -

**We should not be giving $60 million in foreign aid to anyone, while we have our own problems. We are $16 trillion in an ever growing debt with no balanced budget and we continue to spend to include spending on foreign aid. We can’t even slow the increase in spending (the sequester) without the doom and gloom of the naysayers. We are in that bad of shape, yet, our powers that be feel it is possible, feasible and necessary to fund the Muslim Brotherhood at a tune of an additional $60 million.

First of all, it is none of our business. It is a civil war in a foreign country and it is NOT our fight. We are NOT all Syrians now, no matter what McCain would have people believe. Not to mention the fact the rebels we are funding consist of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. Of course, this country empowering Sharia Law and funding Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing new. It’s the same old thing. Maybe if we build them up enough to overthrow Assad, a couple years from now we can find a reason to go to war against the new regime we funded and empowered. I am sure contracts will be given to corporations connected to rich politicians and there will be no competitive bids. Once again, nothing new.**


This always works out so well for us and Israel.


Israel is not likely to become a Muslim Brotherhood run state.
So far, every nation that has fallen has become anti US.
You better hope we keep helping Israel, their the only friend we have in that part of the world.


And it seems that we’re the only friend they have - and we’re abusing their friendship.


What I meant about Israel is every time we “help” someone over there, Israel gains another enemy.


Yeah, copy that partner. We ain’t exactly helping them much are we?


John Bolton asked a very simple question this morning…“Just what are the names of the people we are giving this $60 million to?” Seems like they ought to be able to tell us so we can hold them accountable later.
As to withholding weapons aid… TWO possible reasons…

  1. We don’t want the rebels to win.
  2. We KNOW we will be fighting the rebels in the future.


Yeah, I am sure we will be fighting the rebels in the future. That’s the way it works. We prop them up to take them down. It’s what keeps the military industrial complex going.