Ketchup or Mustard-which do you prefer?

I usually go with mustard.

Any mustard will do.
sometimes a little ketchup but I could live without it.

Ketchup was invented to cover the taste of nasty meat in World War I. I think I’ll go with mustard.


Mustard is a tool of the Devil, and it is a gateway condiment. It should never be eaten. Stop now, or go with e-mustard.

Mustard and ketchup or catsup mixed…mmmmmmm. :banana:

Sometimes ketchup, sometimes both, but more often mustard - the spicy kind.

It’s situationally determined. Mustard on a hot dog, ketchup on a burger. Wings, spicy mustard. Fries, ketchup.

So many devil worshipers…

There are so many yummy mustards to select from.
Plain old regular yellow mustard is better than ketchup any day on anything.
There are good uses for Ketchup but overall it’s too much sugar and junk.
Ketchup in moderation to add a little balance with a good strong mustard is best. If I had to decide between the two though I will take the evil dark side on this issue.
Deviled eggs RWNJ?

Great thanks to this thread I now want a hotdog piled with mustard and relish and cheese and more junk yes even a little dab of ketchup. =(

Mustard on french fries… I think not…

fries are good with mustard. What are you talking about?

Who knew??

This is true. I started out with American mustard, now I’m doing hot English and Dijon. And now I can’t stop!

Now I’m thinking of Cleveland Stadium mustard. Football team stinks, the dogs are great.

Sorry but BBQ sauce is the best.

Did you know that the government allows a certain amount of rodent waste and hair in ketchup and mustard. And you get more of it when you just turn the bottles up and squirt it or pour it on your food without shaking it:sick:.

Mustard on Burgers, ketchup on fries (with Tabasco mixed in)…(no Heinz products)…

I’m a ketchup woman.