Keyboard Trouble (solved but curious)


I use a microsoft wireless laser keyboard and mouse.

Left my pc in sleep mode, came back a few hours later and I couldn’t use my ctrl and mouse to zoom a page.

Couldn’t type with any of the QWERTY keys either!

The favorites buttons at the top worked and so did the home, calendar, mail and document buttons along the side!

There was an icon in the task bar that looked like a small clock that when I would bring it up … showed keyboard options.

(I never opened this tool before leaving the pc … it apparently came up on it’s own?)

Regardless … I couldn’t get it to do anything to return the keyboard settings ‘and’ to top it all off … I couldn’t get rid of the tool from my task bar!!:banghead:

I couldn’t shut it down (tool) no matter what I tried.
(Didn’t know what to look for among the hundreds of processes in task manger either since it wasn’t listed under applications)

I finally had to do a restore which did return everything to normal!

Any ideas on what could have caused this?



Probably your bios is not set to wake from sleep mode for your keyboard.


Never had this problem before.
(Ten years)

Someone said that ‘some’ of the registry keys for the keyboard failed to wake?

That wouldn’t explain the keyboard ‘tool’ though?


It sounds like the keyboard driver updated and required a reboot to initiate the new driver, if that happened then it will try to update again automatically very soon.

If the problem does not reappear then it either updated properly (if that was the trigger) or you just bled enough memory off since the last reboot that Windows lost track of the keyboard driver.

You can also set your power controls to restart the computer anytime the power button is pressed and released quickly, this serves as a shortcut in the event of a keyboard/mouse glitch and might have been a sufficient action to get everything back to normal.