Kim in a coma?

I have noticed that the North Koreans have been quiet of late, and Kim’s medical problems might be the reason. The sister has the look of a sane person, but rumor has it that she is as ruthless as the rest of the family.

After extensive studies, connected with my coin hobby, about the Imperial Roman emperors and British kings and queens, you understand how despots operate. Paraphrasing the late Leo Durocher, in the world of despotism, “Nice guys (usually) finish dead.”

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I wonder if she’s focused on North Korea or if she has a hankering to launch some nukes.

The one unknown dynamic is all of these despotic regimes is the military. What if Kim’s sister wanted to become an accepted member of the world community instead of a rouge state? Would she survive, or would some general in the army kill her? Who knows? Maybe there is niece or nephew out there who would kill her and take over. Kim killed one of his family members in an airport somewhere with a poison dart as I recall.

When a country has been “mobbed up” for years, changing its stripes is very hard. The only exception I can recall is Bulgaria. When the communist block was in full bloom, Bulgaria used to supply them with some of nastiest agents around. Then, after the Berlin Wall fell, they a dramatic turnround.

We have already watched the Russians craw back in the sewer after it looked like they might be headed toward a period of enlightenment. Putin proved that Russian nationalism is more important to them than gaining acceptance in the world community.

I would say American betrayal of Saddam and Ghaddafi did a lot more than anything else. Why would anyone give up any military power on U.S. request? Every time someone does, we double cross them, invade and execute them. So the Kims would be well advised not to trust America or give up any power. If they do, we will betray them and they’ll end up executed like anyone else foolish enough to trust our State Department.

I have understood that their military has been cowed into lapdogs out of sheer terror. Are they even capable of killing a leader? I am asking: I honestly don’t know. I guess when it comes to the Norks nobody really knows.