Kim Klacik is AWESOME

Kim Klacik is AWESOME. Her latest commercial is viral, watched more than any other political ad. And her RNC address was also awesome. This young lady is our future.

Super Ad:

Watch Kim Klacik Address the Nation from the Republican National Convention

On August 24, Republican Candidate for Maryland’s Congressional District 7, Kim Klacik, spoke at the Republican National Convention. Earlier that day, Donald Trump Jr. named Kim as his #MAGA Candidate of the Week.

Join Kim Klacik and District 7 voters to start the #GreatBaltimoreComeback !


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Watch How ‘The View’ Treats Conservative Black Voices | Kim Klacik | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Democrats are the problem! We must vote them all out.

I would definitely vote for Kim Klacik, if I lived up there.

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This election is really the big one. The cheating is what scares me.

We can always donate.

Yes . . . the Dems can manufacture all the votes they need to win.

It’s a certainty.

If Trump refuses to concede, I would support that position and an investigation of Dem votes.

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