Kindergartners and gun control nuts

Ahhhh…just more proof of the reality of public schools… The nuts are running the asylum for sure now…

“By the way, this is not an isolated example. To get depressed about the future of the country, read these posts about children being exposed to foolish thinking.
[]Bureaucrats suspended a little boy for taking bites out of a pop tart in such a way that it was shaped like a gun.
]Bureaucrats suspended a 7-year boy for pretending to throw a non-existent grenade on the playground.
[]Bureaucrats suspended a 6-year old boy in Maryland for making a gun shape with his finger.
]Bureaucrats busted a 5-year old girl in Pennsylvania for having a pink plastic gun that shoots bubbles.
[]A teacher in Rhode Island caught an 8-year old boy with some plastic toy army men.
]Bureaucrats evacuated a school because an 11-year old boy made a motion detector for his science experiment.
[]Bureaucrats in Florida kicked an 8-year old boy out of school for a year because he had a plastic gun in his backpack.
]A dual award in Virginia, with half the prize for the bureaucrats who suspended a 10-year old boy for a toy gun and half the prize for the cops who then arrested the kid.
[]A third-grader got in trouble for having toy army men on his birthday cupcakes.
]Two second-graders got suspended for holding pencils like they were guns.”
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Y](…we should spend more millions of taxpayer dollars on this kind of “education”…

As long as parents complain, but continue to load their kids onto the public school bus, we’re going to keep seeing these stories. There will be a tipping point in the future, to be sure, but by that time, it might be too late for the children who’ve been too long exposed to this politically correct tripe and imaginary outrage at children who “play cops and robbers or soldiers” in order to advance the no-guns-for-ordinary-citizens agenda of the Fascist/ Progressive/ Socialist/ Communist/ Liberal tent called the DNC.

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Absolutely correct. It is already too late for many who have come through the public school system. We have adults now who can’t spell without spell-chek, can’t read simple sentences, can’t write simple sentences, can’t solve simple mathematical problems without a calculator, and can’t locate Germany on a map. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Can’t locate Germany? These kids are coming out of school with some of them thinking Germany was on the side of the allies. Heck they can not locate the U.S on a map going into college

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Hahahahaha!!! You’re right about that!! Most colleges and universities now have a required class (non credit, BTW) that all incoming freshman have to take. It’s “how to go to college 101”. That’s because the majority of incoming freshman can’t write, have no idea what a research paper is, how to write a thesis outline, how to spell, how to use the reference materials in a college library, and other such rudimentary tasks that kids in private high schools know how to do. I know because that was the case when I finished my degree. So much for the “education” in public schools…

Just ask one of these brainwashed college kids who the Vice President of the United States is…

You’d have more luck asking about the Life and Times of Che Guevara…

Things have definitely changed. I remember when I was in 8th or 9th grade I brought my 30-30 to school on Friday and dropped it off at the principals office since after school my dad was going to drop by and pick me up for a hunting trip that weekend. Wasn’t any fuss. And I’m only 30.

Well natch! He’s a great model for the youth of our country!

I took that, they **do **actually give credit for it…which is good because it was ridiculously easy (and a nice boost to ones GPA).

Really? Interesting. It wasn’t back when I attended graduate classes in 1999.

I’m a hard-@#$ practitioner of, “Don’t feed the beast!” I vote against virtually all tax increases. I vote against virtually all bond measures. And we homeschooled K-12. It’s crude and it’s horrible, but one can either feed the beast’s educational malpractice or one can use a fiscal 2X4 to try to get the attention of the beast’s keepers.


There was a country-western hit tune out about a year or so ago (maybe longer), where the lyric was about how kids used to survive things like lead paint on their cribs, drinking from the garden hose, etc. I can’t remember the name of the tune (I think it was sung by Keith Urban), but it had snappy lyrics that were pertinent to this issue.

I remember when I was a kid (in the early 1950’s), there were all manner of things we kids did that either wouldn’t be PC these days or would elicit a gasp from parents now.

Like we all had lunchboxes with “violent” super heroes on them, rode bikes WITHOUT helmets, got mud in our ears, burned big piles of leaves, played with toy machine guns and cowboy six shooters with caps, etc. Not these days I guess.

What always strikes me is that WE SURVIVED (with maybe a few stitches in the scalp), enjoyed our childhood, and MOST TURNED OUT OK. What’s the big deal? These people are really depriving kids these days of something pretty kool . . . GROWING UP!!!

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One time I was in film class, using prop guns FROM THE SCHOOL’S OWN PROP CLOSET and I got in trouble. BS.

Theres your problem

It was in high school and I had nothing better to do. I also headed the school radio station.

In high school I took, engine repair, metal fabrication, graphic design, A+ computer certifaction

I went to a college prep all-girls’ Catholic high school. I was too busy taking Latin, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Ancient History, English Literature, and advanced art to get into trouble. The biggest trouble I got into was on the last day of school in my senior year (before graduation) my girlfriend and I skipped study hall and went to the gym and kicked around the soccer ball and took stupid pictures of each other. Didn’t get caught, either…

How the times do change I took those in middle school, in high school I took geometry, physics, trig, and calculus

Which high school did you go to?