King to introduce gun-restriction legislation in response to Tucson shooting


King to introduce gun-restriction legislation in response to Tucson shooting

Jan 11, 2011 3:35 PM by Ed Morrissey Would it have helped?

I am sure it would have. Loughner would have realized he was within the 1,000 feet of an elected official while carrying a firearm. Loughner would have retreated to outside the 1,000 feet of an elected official and probably take the time to measure the distance. He would have a sudden attack of virtue and decide too many bystanders would be hit if he tried to engage his target from a distance of over 1,000 feet. He would have gone home and waited for the next guns for toys program or simply melt the gun down and use the metals to form a necklace to donate to Sarah Brady.


It seems that laws have PREVENTED anyone from stopping this killer.

Many people had cause to put this guy in a situation to prevent him from buying a gun or buying ammunition IF ONLY they pushed for him to be examined for his psychotic behavior.

BUT, if anyone tried to do this they would have been sued by the psycho or his parents.

There was a time when a psychiatrist could have him committed, but again that was in the past. So now the only way to stop a psycho is to stop EVERYONE from purchasing a gun ??? :Thud:

[SIZE=“2”]RPT-Arizona suspect had made death threats-sheriff
RPT-Arizona suspect had made death threats-sheriff | Reuters

Sun Jan 9, 2011 10:13am EST

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TUCSON, Ariz. Jan 8 (Reuters) - The suspect in Saturday’s shooting rampage in which a U.S. congresswoman was critically wounded was unstable and had been known to make death threats in the past, the local sheriff said.

80% of the homeless are mentally ill, and the law says they must be left alone.

January 11, 2011
The Real Cause of the Arizona Killings
By Bernie Reeves
American Thinker: The Real Cause of the Arizona Killings

The only way he could have been helped is by committing himself to a hospital ???



I read somewhere that this guy’s mother works for law enforcement and several times in the past she got him out so he would not be prosecuted


I remember when the ACLU went to bat for a mentally ill person who preferred to be homeless. New York City, I think.


How can one not be in violation of this proposed law if the congressman is walking around?? MAybe there should be a law that a congressman has to stay in ONE SPOT so that he doesn’t put people in this situation??

We are going to let them restrict OUR rights so that they can protect themselves from some few and far between crazy??!!


We need this law to protect m- er uh I mean the people!


They can’t enforce this, anyway.


I will work to unelect any Republican who votes for this bill. Not only does it imply that the 2nd amendment is responsible for these murders, it establishes an elite class of people that have more rights than us peasants.

Sorry Rep. King, your future opponent from the right just got him/herself a contribution and I’ll be writing to the NRA to lower your rating to a D or F.


Rep. King you dissappoint me deeply, as a former NYer I know you are more conservative then this, why would you put up a bill this stupid?


Peter King : Rated D by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)

So, I think a F is in place :smiley:


Boehner says No.

Speaker Boehner says no to new restrictions on firearms -


Boehner has so far done mostly good stuff, Keep it up Boehner.


There was noise and confusion going on when O’Reilly was on this evening. Please tell me he isn’t in favor of this law - even if it wouldn’t shock me to hear he was.


What a moron. When my Congressman visits my town, he’s surrounded by firearms within 1,000 feet even if everyone at the meeting is unarmed. We have guns everywhere. My whole town would be in violation.

Clarification to the OP, which hints that it is as far-reaching as to restrict weapons near “elected officials:” The proposal applies to members of Congress.


Riddle me this. How stupid is it for a Congresscritter NOT to carry a firearm?


To be A Democrat?